Deluxe Hotel 百星酒店

With one of the best casts but not making the best of the talents they have is a waste of the real good resource. This is exactly what happen to this film <Deluxe Hotel> Chinese New Year celebration's movie. Despite the movie of shot on location at one of the newest hotels opened, it only showed that the hotel was dead and the only living creatures were the casts themselves. Bad scripts and bad plots lead to bad production, <Deluxe Hotel> has it all. Moreover, we rather disappointed by Vincent Kuk's style of humor which lead to the dead end to show the best his talented directorial skills. Perhaps, he wasn't the one in the screen play creative team and that gave no no say in many plots planned but to execute it through a struggled ways. As the film is meant for Chinese New Year's celebration with great laughter and good wishes but we see nothing related to the Chinese New Year mood at all. Another failure in the screen write to carried such bad production had shown.  We strongly suggest to save your bucks for lai see or other charity instead.

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