REDValentino @ SS2013 Collection

 REDValentino SS2013 collection whimsical ingénue is a daydreamer. She turns reality into imagination. She’s instinctive, spontaneous, all lightness of being. Conventions, hierarchies and boundaries have no meaning for her. She’s sweet as she’s rebellious. She does and she undoes. Delicately, mercilessly. Old and new, street and couture, day and night make no difference for her.
 She acts as she pleases, connecting dots as she goes along. A hint of nostalgia is her soft spot, no melancholia attached. Dressing-up, for her, is a joyous, unfussy gesture. Her moves are effortless, her poses demure, her stance sweet but fierce. What she likes, she lists, using words that come together jaggedly, like her outfits. That’s her language. What you see is what you get, between the lines.

 This season, the REDValentino whimsical ingénue likes: Clashing patterns en plein air. Madras in sprinkles, flowers in splashes, stripes blooming, gingham blowing, color blocking. Chamomile and stiletto pumps, oversized bows and undersized purses, flowers taking over her bag, her shoes, swarming everywhere. A nipped waist with a full skirt, a raised waistline with a short hemline. Slides and Riviera balms with an air of Tropicalia. Sundresses, balloon gowns, dreamy trechcoats for fairytale rains, tiers that make her fly. Blooming necklaces with a sense of delicacy. 

 Summers in bloom, in enchanted gardens. Taffetas ‘n denim, faille ‘n canvas, crepe, georgette ‘n poplin. Lemon, tangerine, bark, fern, oleander, hibiscus, poppy, ink, pink, cobalt, cord, blue. Bouquets and Sangallo lace, bon ton and a t-shirt, short-short or below-the-knee. Crochet raffia and all things tactile. Dress, clutch, shoes all matching, or mixed. Playing the lady in a girly way. Being a girl with a ladylike air. Mo’ mixing and mo’ matching, again and again. Doing it in reverse, never the same.

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