I Love Hong Kong 2013 恭囍發財

<I Love Hong Kong> movie's series has come to its third 'sequal" and continue selling Hong Kong moments and memories to the Chinese around the world by appreciating the love of the friendship between families and friends without failed. It was a good gesture indeed especially for Chinese New Year celebration movie to bring out the best of the Chinese culture and gesture to everyone from the elderly to their next generation, the message is delivered but the production failed despite the noise was on Veronica Yip who made a come back after years of self eliminating from the entertainment scenes. It is still doesn't really help much for a good  film production in making it right, this is not only like watching the Hong Kong TVB's stagnant way of production but also a continuation of an unsuccessful movie plots. Playing around with the same old jokes lead to unsharp and slovenly developments. Boring plots and scripts are the main killer for this film, some good acting from some real good veteran actors didn't seem help much to shine but showing another run-of-the-house failure.

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