MCM @ SS2013 Ad Campaign

MCM SS2013 ad campaign "sails the seas" introducing discerning global connoisseurs entitled <Very MCM in Monaco>. Distinguished as an iconic, unparalleled luxury destination, MCM becomes a complete embodiment of the grandeur of an elegant & fine holiday amongst Monaco's crystal clear waters, brilliants blue skies and turquoise bays.
To embark on a journey of discovery and inspire novel concepts of travel, the elegant campaign depicts a free-spirited, affluent couple amidst a grand vessel, reminiscent of seafaring explorers of exotic bays & warm lagoons, permeating a sophisticated atmosphere rousing the fantasy & nostalgia of distant and enchanting places amidts opalescent waters. The naturally luxuriant spirits is both implicit and explicit throughout the entire campaign and collection found in a new materials, colours palettes and prints.

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