Wellendorff 2013 @ Chinese New Year Collection

Wellendorff’s 2013 Chinese New Year collection highlights the spirit of German engineering combined with an energetic interpretation of the Chinese Year of the Snake, illustrating a graceful tale of vitality through a stunning collection of red jewellery. The Wellendorff 2013 CNY collection consists of the Ring Angel’s Wings in Hibiscus Red and the Amulet Crystal Wings in Hibiscus Red.  The new signature spinning ring is made from 18k gold, with the 0.45mm surface created with the family’s famed cold enamel techniques.  The uniquely translucent but resilient finish exhibits unparalleled craftsmanship through the hibiscus red enamel, exemplifying its matchless design, artistry and value. The ring’s pattern signifies a noble’s identity, embodying Wellendorff’s history as a symbol of women’s style and elegance.  With its absolute precision in craftsmanship, the Ring Angel’s Wing in Hibiscus Red revolves to evoke the hopeful promise and the fulfilment of heartfelt wishes; a belief borne of an old German fairy tale – that luck will surely follow those who softly turns the ring thrice and makes a wish.The Amulet Crystal Wings in Hibiscus Red is an all-new design by the brand in tribute to the Year of the Snake. The Hibiscus represents a gentle insistence, resembling the devotion to a life of art and the realization of joy and happiness at a year’s end. The moving ring is designed to characterize the protection of infinite honor and honesty, surrounding a splendid 0.5 karat diamond. A white enamel surface graces the back of the pendant, encompassing another noble story individual to each wearer;  the inner ring is engraved with an angel, silently protecting the wearer each and every day. Each one of Wellendorff’s jewellery are made with the wearer in mind, combining a youthful spirit with individual creativity. With six different ways to wear the amulet, each wearer can be accompanied with their own unique interpretation and blessings this new year.  

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