Piquadro @ First Capsule Collection by Antonio Marras

 Piquadro unveiled the capsule collection in collaboration with Antonio Marras and held amid the luxurious backdrop of the 18th century building, Palazzo Clerici, in Milan. At the event, installations were posted throughout the location to create a route, with each one of these living display representing the personalities who inspired the brand’s most recently launched bags and accessories, creating a very evocative installation.
To further enhance the experience, guests were given a special audio guide, an iPad with earphones, allowing them to see the augmented-reality content for each scene. Similar to a contemporary art exhibition, visitors simply had to point the tablet at an image next to each installation, and a special app would show them a video about that person - his story and character. This innovative and cutting-edge virtual guide allowed guests to experience Piquadro’s creativity, artistic aesthetic and fine craftsmanship in great detail. Plus, those tech-smart guests who have already downloaded the Aurasma app can even use their own smartphone and tablet to see the augmented-reality content. This functional app is now available for download from the App Store or Google Play. It certainly was a fashion with technology event.

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