Zadig & Voltaire Introduces New Fragrance @ This is HER & This is HIM

The convergence of founder Thierry Gillier and the international expertise of the perfume maker Beauté Prestige International, a trusted partner for the biggest names in fashion and the genius behind many cult fragrances.

The bold spirit of a brand. A vision. The choice by a fashion house that is all about easy chic and rock style that has revolutionized fashion. To create Zadig & Voltaire’s olfactory statement, BPI took the brand’s DNA and bottled it into two alter ego fragrances. Her, him: opposites attract. Free in Paris, art as inspiration.

In their wake lies the elegant signature of sandalwood. A graphic attitude in black and white. Traditional fragrance rules shattered like perfume bottles. They create tension and tell a true story: the alchemy of a couple, forever young.

This new pair of fragrances from Zadig & Voltaire draws from the brand’s values to create the unexpected, a meeting of two timeless scents. The HIM/HER Fragrance Manifesto with a unique DNA.

Precious materials combine, each note a declaration that incarnates the brand’s casual chic style. The top notes reflect strong and distinct personalities to set the tone: jasmine for her, citrus for him. Harmonies are achieved through chestnut and incense. Sweet vanilla. Masculine black and feminine white find the perfect balance in the unpredictable. They leave behind them a fragrance trail of the arty Parisian life: sandalwood, the addictive signature of Zadig & Voltaire.

White. True. Parisian elegance wrapped in sensuous silk and cashmere. A young, restless beauty jauntily spritzes a floral bouquet of Arabian jasmine brightened with pink peppercorn. A sweet with a rock spirit made of chestnut and vanilla. As free as her looks, her femininity is reaffirmed with an intense, woody and milky base note: sandalwood, the Zadig & Voltaire signature. Confident, unpredictable, irresistible. This is HER!

Black. Powerful. The gentleman rocker with a leather-hard spirit. This urban wanderer reinforces his confidence with a spicy incense of grapefruit and black pepper. Virility with a soft heart – half vanilla, half incense. A free spirit with a wild instinct: sandalwood, the Zadig & Voltaire signature. Unfettered, the modern hero, resolutely masculine. This is HIM! 

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