BALMAIN AW2016/17 Ad Campaign

 On a chilly afternoon in early February, Olivier Rousteing was at Madison Square Garden, just as blown away as were the thousands around him, everybody was hearing Kanye’s Life Of Pablo for the first time. In particular, the hauntingly beautiful Wolves made a big impression on him.

 From the moment Rousteing heard that song, he knew he had to use it for this campaign. Rousteing told Kanye that a few days later, when he called to congratulate him. Rousteing was thrilled when Kanye immediately responded that he was on board and excited to see how involved he wanted to be in addition to his music talents, he’s got an amazing cinematographic instinct.

Although Rousteing love his job, the collections and the shows can end up being a lot of hard work. The campaigns, though, are always an absolute joy to be a part of, from start to finish. This one, in particular, was a dream come true. It was shot right after the Met Ball. Pascal, Steven and Rousteing pulled together as many members of the “Balmain Army” who were in town and they spent two days creating a true collaboration beginning with a riff on a Balmain after-party, and mixing dance, music, lyrics, photography and fashion in a new way that reflects the unique, diverse and modern side of this historic house. Rousteing couldn’t be happier with the resultor more grateful to all who played a part in its creation.

Olivier, Kanye, Kim, Sia, Vic and all the other members of the new Balmain army rise up to a fusion of fashion and music. The sublime beauty of Balmain, the incredible power of the lyrics, the art of the dance – It’s a collaboration in the truest sense of the word.


Advertising Agency: 
KiDS Creative

Creative Direction:
Pascal Dangin

Steven Klein

Director of Photography: 
Alex Lockett

Hair Stylist: 
Julien d’Ys

Groomer (Kanye West): Stuart Lecky

Makeup Artist: 

Hair & Makeup (Kim Kardashian West): 
Cesar Ramirez

Hair Stylist (Sia Stand -in): 
Tonya Brewer

Groomer (Vic Mensa): 
Illy Lusfsiano

Gina Edwards

Set Design:
 Andrea Stanley

Casting Director: 
Jess Hallett

Lee Serle

*Kanye West wears Vintage Denim Jeans by Fear of God

Talent: In Alphabetical Order
Alessandra Ambrosio
Francisco Lachowski
Gabrielle Baden (Sia Body Double)
Joan Smalls
Jon Kortajarena
Jordan Barrett
Josephine Skriver
Jourdan Dunn
Kanye West
Kim Kardashian West
Riley Montana
Ronald Epps Jr.
Sasha Luss
Vic Mensa
Ysaunny Brito

Production Company: 
Box Studios

Line Producer: 
Tara Compton

Post-Production Supervisor: 
Hilary Jacobs

Senior Post Producer: 
Mamie-Claire Cornelius

Dustin Robertson & Chrissy Rabe

Color Mastering: 
Pascal Dangin

Visual Effects: 
Shuyi Wu & Alex Miller

Digital Intermediate: 
Scott Frace

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