SAMSONITE OCTOLITE Enter The Rouge Chamber

SAMSONITE introduces the OCTOLITE by taking a new and progressive approach to luggage design and offers more of what frequent travellers demand: Lighter Weight, Stronger Materials, Increased Durability, Maximum Manoeuvrability. With that in mind, mylifestylenews travels with this chic and stylish OCTOLITE in rouge to enter the Temple House Chengdu during our recent visit leading the way toward the future of travel and indeed we are Ahead of Its Time.

OCTOLITE forges high-tech design with cutting-edge materials and ultra-modern features. Every aspect of OCTOLITE has been carefully considered to break new ground.

OCTOLITE offers increased strength and mobility, maximised volume and function, and minimised weight.

 What’s more, OCTOLITE’s cool, futuristic design is highlighted by a unique new shape that matches its cutting-edge features. That is what every traveler needs to travel in style.

OCTOLITE is engineered from ultra-light, super-durable materials that increase strength and manoeuvrability. Its unique new shape – a bold box with rounded corners, also adds strength, whilst maximising volume.

Functionality meets style to give your journey more pleasurable.

OCTOLITE’s eye-catching exterior is especially modern, with a striking geometric design and a matte finish. A real voyeur by the passerby.

Available in Red, White or Black, OCTOLITE also features numerous details that enhance its sleek silhouette, such as an integrated carry handle, built-in address tag, fixed combination lock, and newly designed metallic logo plate.

OCTOLITE’s super-functional interior is divided into two spacious halves.

The lower shell features crossed ribbons that secure belongings into place while the top shell is secured with a zip-in divider featuring a convenient side pocket.

Compact yet giving you more space while packing for your trip.

To maximise manoeuvrability, OCTOLITE also has a double wheel design that provides smooth all-direction movement so you can travel with ease and speed.

Remembering past triumphs but always looking forward, Samsonite maintains a worldwide vision that continues to enable the traveller to travel further, with always lighter, stronger and innovative products at his side.

Samsonite continually invests in new ways to engage and connect with global travellers.

OCTOLITE luggage is available in three sizes of spinner bags: 55cm, which is the ultimate, lightweight cabin bag, as well as 68cm and 75cm options for longer journeys. Thanks to its state-of-the-art fabrication, innovative shape, superior strength and remarkable lightness, Samsonite’s new OCTOLITE collection represents the future of travel. OCTOLITE is Ahead of Its Time.

Samsonite, created in 1910 by entrepreneurial Colorado native Jesse Shwayder, is the world’s leading luggage brand. Inspiring travel worldwide, Samsonite helps global travellers to cover miles and create memories with revolutionary travel solutions.

Preserving the brands longstanding history of breakthroughs in research and development, Samsonite has embedded its place at the forefront of the travel world with a number of industry firsts.

Showing commitment to innovation, the unique hard side collections made with the revolutionary Curv® material and the soft side ranges created with Advanced Hybrid Technology™ (AHT) join a wide spectrum of business, casual and personal accessory products in upholding Samsonite’s position as a market leader and trendsetter.

An active YouTube channel and a travel app provide a wealth of resources, connectivity and entertainment for today’s on-the-go travellers. By identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of world travellers’ needs, Samsonite plays a pivotal role in the multi-faceted lives of the global traveller.

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