Free Upgrade To AIX 2015 Rosé All Day At Chez Patrick Deli

Dedicated to bringing to Hong Kong the best of French traditions, Chez Patrick Deli on Starr Street introduces the Rosé All Day with a complimentary upgrade to a Magnum for no Extra cost when you order a bottle of AIX 2015 Rose to embrace the final days of summer, the French way. mylifestylenews explores......

Chef Patrick Goubier opened the first Chez Patrick Deli in Star Street, Wanchai in 2010 serving up casual, tasty and authentic French dishes in a bistro environment. This friendly neighborhood comfort food concept Deli also allowed you to take home a slice of the Chez Patrick experience from the restaurant’s grocery counter in an express way.

To catch the last bit of the summer, cold icy drinks is what we all want and Chez Patrick Deli is now offering you a complimentary upgrade like no other when you order a standard bottle of AIX 2015 Rose, you will receive a complimentary upgrade to an impressive magnum bottle of the same wine.

Making it the drink of the season, each AIX magnum bottle contains ten glasses of rosé,  AIX’s coveted pale pink pour hails from the heart of rosé country, Provence, and is ideal for day time drinking, summer sundowners or as an accompaniment to the gastronomy prepared by the chef. Service worth mentioning here as the there was only one wait staff to look after 5 tables at its peak during our visit with none of the order being mixed up and delivered to the table with designated timing.

<Soup Of The Day> & <Traditional French Onion Soup>
Not many restaurant does Carrot soup (soup of the day) these day for quite an obvious reason that by using the basic low cost ingredients may not be able to charge a higher price on the menu. Hence, a good soup cannot be determined in such manner yet the Carrot soup in Chez Patrick Deli is worth having despite its the texture was rather too watery but the aroma and taste is still quite comforting. We expected more on the Traditional French Onion Soup, from the presentation, it is more than inviting. Melting cheese and the caramelized onion almost fills the rim of the bowl. It was lacking the intense flavour of the onion and the stock base was lacking in taste.

<Crab & Avocado Tartar>
A beautiful presentation with diced tomatoes and fresh herbs sprinkled all over the plate. The bubbly Salmon roe add on a hint of saltiness to the entire mixture of avocado and fresh crab meat. Try having the a few roes individually for a "cavair" bursting experience in your mouth. A rather refreshing starter.

<Chicken Caesar Salad>
crunchy romanie, parmesan, bacon, tomato, croutons are simple the best combination for such a classic salad. This may not be entirely French yet this contemporary all time favorite by many others won't go wrong especially the chicken breast are still moist, tender and juicy. In here, they did this well. 

<Beef Bourguignon>
Oh Well! Another most anticipated dish especially when you are dining in a French Bistro/Deli. Despite the beef was stewed to there tenderness texture but the lacking of the rich flavor did not satisfy any Beef Bourguignon admirer.

<Duck Confit>
Confit duck leg served with roasted potato wedges and wild mushroom sauce. This signature classic French creation is to "dine" for. Perfectly seared to the right crispiness, you can even hear the light crackling sound when the knife cuts through. The meat is tender and easily breaks with the fork and the wild mushroom sauce adds the exotic flavor to the dish. A must order!

<Organic wholewheat Seafood Linguini>
You have to be able to accept the use of the wholewheat pasta instead of the traditional version linguini used and do not expect it would be done al-dente. Otherwise, you will be dissapointed for what it is being served as the texture of the wholewheat pasta will not satisfy you. Squid, clams and scallops with white wine sauce and fresh tomato are the freshest ingredients used are bonus on this dish.

<Chicken Basquaise>
Braised chicken leg with bell peppers, tomato and Espelette pepper served with Basmati rice. This almost kids friendly dish that caters for most light palate is another hit and miss. The presentation may look flavorsome, it was rather bland on both chicken and rice.

<Creme Brulee & Chocolate Eclair>
These ready to go desserts sit behind the counter keep waving at us. We can't taste much of the richness flavor of the eggs from the creme brulee, it was lacking in that intensity. Chocolate eclair is divine, perfect size yet not too sweet to end the entire evening.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4/5

Duck Confit

3, Star Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 2527 1408

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