Hermès New Fragrance @ Galop d ’Hermès

Hermès Galop d’Hermès dancing barefoot on warm earth, describing perfect circle, aspiring to the ideal. Spirited and free, frenetic, passionate. She moves to a new rhythm. Her bearing is unique. This ultra-modern woman cannot be reined in: an attitude cannot be tamed, it can only be admired, celebrated! Bold and cerebral, intensely feminine. she listens to the gallop of her heart. A woman in motion: the evident embodiment of Hermès.  But what is the origin of this movement? It lies in immemorial nature. In the animal part in each of us, cherished in the very soul of the Hermès woman.

Is this movement a solitary dance? A protective chanson de geste? A provocative jubilation? The mystery remains. She loves the past, worships the present, launches herself into the future. And brings about harmony. An arc of flesh and light. Fire burning beneath the skin, infinite softness, controlled ardour.

To translate the essence of this force in movement, Christine Nagel, perfumer-designer for Hermès, has conceived Galop d’Hermès. Her secret desire for her first major statement: to create an accord of assumed opposites. Animal and floral, masculine and feminine.

In the Hermès leather library, among sensual textures and noble materials, Christine Nagel succumbed to Doblis calfskin, soft and supple, a sensitive leather that returns the caress. To dance with Doblis, there was just one choice: the rose. A dream-like leather from the equestrian world; sensuous rose, worked macroscopically, a symbol of femininity: two natural materials, emblematic of the fragrances and the world of Hermès. Opposites dance, the movement stabilises, balance emerges, triumphant. Galop d’Hermès is ablaze. Hot, red. A hint of saffron bites into the leather, accentuating it. A touch of quince gives the rose body.

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