CARTIER @ Cactus de Cartier

 Cactus de Cartier…A bold, free-spirited collection of powerful, sculptural pieces to love unconditionally. Putting a twist on traditional sources of inspiration, Cartier reveals the secret, distinctive beauty of these fascinating, uncompromising plants that we dare not touch, but observe from afar.

A hardy child of the desert, resistant to freezing nights and arid days, originating from a time before time began. Opening and flowering as it did at the dawn of time, it offers itself up unreservedly in the brilliance of its simplicity with this sun-drenched collection. The very essence of primal beauty, it radiates irresistibly under Cartier’s gaze. Dignified yet fantastical, this is a joyous tribute to these beautiful plants crowned with dew, some of which only flower at night. Seductive at daybreak, they are a luscious blend of the sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel pleasure of duality.

In this sublime, spiky collection, Cartier has overturned convention and redefined jewellery Geometry, cut-outs, proportions: the unapproachable becomes softer and tamely reveals three unexpected faces. Rebellious and resistant, tempting and haunting, ephemeral and soft flowers made immortal by Cartier. Plant shapes dotted with zesty, succulent, gemstone flowers in emerald, chrysoprase or carnelian.

Generous volumes with geometric structures, gold domes illuminated by precious dewdrops, corollas of radiant and fresh faceted lapis or diamonds. Look upon these audacious beauties with a new clarity, see them through a jeweller’s eyes as they bloom in twists of gold pricking with diamonds. Unexpected curves are overturned, undulating with ripples and twists, their movement unconfined. At the jeweller’s touch, the gold comes to life with twisting contours, open work and precious, pearly droplets.

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