Chaumet L'Epi de Blé Ring

Chaumet has always chiseled its jewels with the finest craftsmanship. From Jean-Baptiste Fossin to Pierre Sterlé, each creation combines the art of jewellery with those of sculpture and goldsmithing, giving life to exceptional pieces. Crafted with an artists attention to shape and movement, the pieces are imbued with the elegance of artistic sculpture. Inspired by the antique ronde-bosse engraving technique, the virtuosity of fluttering hummingbirds or diamond-set wildflowers carves out volume and relief. Created as a limited edition of forty pieces, exclusively reserved for a handful of boutiques, the "L'Epi de Blé de Chaumet" ring renews a tradition wih singular flair. The ring perpetuates a historic theme that celebrates the ear of wheat with new interpretations for every era, since 1811. A symbol of fertility and abundance and a favourite of Joséphine’s, the motif adorns the hair, the neckline or the bust. Yellow gold and sensuous diamond grains light up the skin like a ray of sun. The brushed gold finish gives naturalistic depth to the piece while its intricate structure invites the eye to explore every delicate detail.

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