SWAROVSKI FW2016/17“Crystal Galaxy" Collection

Through art, architecture, design and movies, the theme of space and galaxy has inspired artists of all times. Fine observer of these scenes, Creative Director Nathalie Colin was naturally inspired by this stellar influence, and chose to explore it in the Fall Winter 16/17 “CRYSTAL GALAXY” collection. From constellations of stars to planets in orbit, from the colors of the cosmic night to shapes of sparkling icicles, Nathalie captured a kaleidoscope of elements she translated into fashionable pieces featuring modernity, brilliance and remarkable craftsmanship.

“CRYSTAL GALAXY” is the perfect theme to play with light and shadow and to create some pieces exuding this mysterious appeal of the galaxy, either in a figurative or in a more abstract way. We worked on round and 3D volumes, new shapes like double open rings versatile silhouettes in a a gradation of shades evoking eclipses, stars and constellations.” explains Nathalie. With a cold palette of black, midnight blue and frosted clear crystals, “CRYSTAL GALAXY” offers an array of versatile pieces to suit any facet of a modern woman’s life. Emblematic of the galaxy imagery, stars and constellations have been a prominent source of inspiration which turned into desirable pieces of jewelry, ranging from classic timeless elegance to edgier on trend interpretation.

Shooting stars and comets lead to delicate designs featuring a rock chic edge enhanced by chiaroscuro color palette. Large cabochon crystals and crystal pearls evoke the moon while the spikes of stars dazzle with a refined crystal pave work to mimic rays of moonlight. Epitomizing this inspiration, “Fatal” line goes for a bold interpretation and merges the timeless elegance of pearls with cool and modern PVD. Another major direction within the collection, planets in orbit are depicted through spherical silhouettes which seem to float, like weightless on sleek metal settings. Simplicity is key, echoing the stillness and silence that reigns in the galaxy. “Festival” line epitomizes this tribute to Supernovas, with an on-trend combination of pearls and metallic spheres. Still keen on offering versatile options, the long pendant can be removed to wear the torque alone, while the ring can be worn with the spheres sitting either vertical or horizontal on the finger.

Galaxy being synonymous with infinite gradations of dark and changing shades, the third variation is ideal to feature the iconic color coating Swarovski created for Christian Dior in the 50’s, Aurora Borealis, applied not only on crystal but new this season on metal base. This holographic effect, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2016, infuses its mesmerizing and vibrant rainbow shades onto a range of jewelry that favors organic lines. The result is some sophisticated and strong pieces which feature mineral accents and show Swarovski’s mastery of stone on stone crystal applications. To complete stars, planets and cosmic night, the last part of the collection gives full light to an icy inspiration. Icicles become spiked necklaces, frosted elements turn into fluid chandelier earrings and clear crystal is the hero of this frozen universe. Even watches exemplify the mood with mother-of-pearl cases. Through four variations on the galaxy, the FW2016/17 collection invites to a stylish journey that promises brilliance to the modern and multi-faceted women.

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