ZENITH Presents Pilot Type 20 GMT 1903 Limited Edition In Celebration of The 45th Anniversary of Elegant Watch & Jewellery

ZENITH presents Pilot Type 20 GMT 1903 limited edition in celebration of the 45th anniversary of Elegant Watch & Jewellery. In order to congratulate Hong Kong’s leading watch and jewellery retailer on the 45th anniversary of Elegant Watch & Jewellery, prestigious watchmaking brand Zenith proudly presents the Pilot Type 20 GMT 1903 limited edition which is destined to become a well sought-after item among watch and aviation enthusiasts. Since human’s first attempt in conquering the sky in 20th century, Zenith has created appealing timepieces to honour these heroic achievements. The name “1903” is a tribute to the Wright brothers, who invented the world’s first manual-operated flying machine. This creation changed the entire history in aviation and laid the milestone announcing that the sky was no longer a limit to human race. Representing creativity, vision and professionalism, the 1903, now produced in a special edition, makes itself a perfect piece to honour the 45-year success of Elegant Watch & Jewellery. In order to highlight the joyous moment, the 45-minute indication is shown in red numeral while the hand indicating the second time zone is also in red. On the other hand, differing from the original design, this Elegant special edition piece is equipped with an extra olive green colored leather strap. Limited edition of 45 pieces.

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