ALEX BENLO @ New Luxury Watch East Meet West

 Founded by Eric Loth, a renowned Swiss watch making engineer, for his children, Alex Benlo represents a new impetus in the watch making world. Its principles respect both the Western and Asian cultures and mankind values. Young, with a will to pass its heritage on to future generations, the brand draws its resources from both Swiss and Chinese traditional values as well as the Middle East. Each watch making product comes with high-class know-how such as the production of exceptional dials, the use of Swiss movements and the meticulous care taken to finish the watch making process by respecting the civilizations it is inspired by. An immersion in the diversity of cultures and mankind values, this is what Alex Benlo is devoted to.

Through its 3 collections, the brand presents its skills by combining ancestral engraving techniques and Swiss high-quality watch making tradition. Alex Benlo, a trendsetter, uses jade as the main raw-material for dials. A noble and ancestral stone, highly respected in Asia and especially in China for its protective virtues, jade has always been used to make precious objects from the Neolithic era to today.

All dials are carefully hand-carved by sculptors with unrivalled skills. Each dial is unique and bears all of the characteristics of jade; the veins, coloring gradients and other stone’s natural details. Then, they are finished and assembled in Switzerland with the other components by our watchmakers and local craftsmen. Wonderful green-colored, genuine leather straps, add the finishing touch to the product. Alex Benlo is committed to not using skins from fragile, protected or endangered species.   Each unique watch is the cultural fusion between Asia and the West with respect for competence and craft values.

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