Kiehl's Natural Lab In the City

Kiehl's Natural Lab in the city is a has been garnering support from all walks of life in town since May while spreading the message of environmental protection and green life far and wide. The campaign kicked off with “Rooftop Farms” which invited the public to sow calendula seeds on the rooftop of the Fringe Club in Central to add more green to the city. With meticulous efforts of the farmers, the calendula is now fully grown and harvested. The harvested herbs will be used in the star event of the campaign, namely “Natural Lab In The City”, to transplant the seedlings of green awareness from the rooftop to the whole city to make a difference.

Herbs harvested from the “Rooftop Farm” can be used in various ways. Organic product specialist “Natural Lab In the City” invites the public to join the candle workshop to create unique candlewax buildings with the calendula and other herbs harvested from the “Rooftop Farm”. Together, these candles form the cityscape of the artistic installation called
 "Natural Light in the city". For every candle made, Kiehl’s will donate HKD$20 to Green Power. The campaign is aimed at raising HKD $ 500,000 to support green development in Hong Kong.

Set up as a chic herbal tea shop, the “Natural Lab In the City” will serve up herbal tea, brewed from the calendula harvested from the “Rooftop Farm”, to consolidate the intrinsic link between Nature and city. Each bowl of herbal tea will be sold for HKD $15, with all proceeds going to Green Power to support environmental protection.

Details of “Kiehl’s Natural Lab”


6 July - 4 August 2015


Mondays to Thursdays: 12:00nn - 9:00pm

Fridays to Saturdays: 12:00nn - 10:00pm


G/F, 25 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay

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