aqua x Charles Joly @ The World’s Best Bartender of 2014 World Class™ Champion With New Destination-Inspired Cocktail

The World’s Best Bartender, 2014 World Class™ Champion - Charles Joly, presents a cocktail collection created for and served exclusively at aqua in Hong Kong and London and meeting the press in person in aqua recently. Five new cocktails inspired by summer destinations are created from the golden sands of Biarritz to the palm-fringed tropical islands of the South Pacific. Each cocktail mixes CÎROC VODKA® with classic summer flavours and modern techniques, to represent the essence of each summer destination. Joly jets you to the South of France with the Biarritz, a cocktail inspired by the seaside locale, famed for fashion and frequented by royalty and Hollywood stars of old. Biarritz conjures up images of large sun hats and lazy summer days by the pool at Hôtel Du Palais. Joly’s Biarritz cocktail is inspired by the original Martini and combines CÎROC VODKA®, bianco vermouth, dry sherry, chamomile liqueur, all finished with a mist of chamomile tincture and served in a coupette. The zesty and fresh drink strikes a balance between masculine and feminine. Staying in France and travelling to the sunny, historical region of Provence with vivid blue skies and fields of lavender, known for lush rose gardens and green bushels of ripe berries. The Provençal cocktail harnesses the essence of the region with a blend of CÎROC VODKA®, raspberry, Amaretto, rose and absinthe to give heat that awakens the palate. Promotion ends 31st August 2015.

Sophisticated Biarritz, with its elegant stretch of golden sands - home of Coco Chanel, is the inspiration for this clean, stirred martini. Ciroc vodka, dry sherry and complex vermouth, finished with a mist of Chamomile tincture.

<The Garden of England>
A nod to the quintessential English herb garden full of rosemary and thyme, this complex cocktail melds aromatic Thyme liqueur and flaming Rosemary dipper in Chastreuse. Homemade Thyme liqueur, Yuzu and Ciroc vodka shaken and strained over ice, garnished with fresh Rosemary in Green Chartreuse, set on fire.

<Ocean Drive>
A sweet spirituous drink with a tangy effervescent bite, packed full of flavour encapsulating the glamour of 1930's South Beach Miami. Ciroc bodka mixed with sweet Sauternes wine, balance with aged Champagne Vinegar and white grape, carbonated with Co2.

<South Pacific>
A charming, refreshing cocktail full of zest evoking the exotic beaches and palm trees of the fictional island of Bali Ha'i. Infused red berry & coconut Cirroc vodka, with sour pineapple, Campari and a dash of fresh lime served long over ice.

<The Provencal>
The light and fruity tones of The Provencal, with its slight floral taste, are balanced by a finishing mist of bitters blended with Absinthe that transport you to the lush rose gardens of the Provence region of southern France. Three parts Ciroc vodka made with three parts of Amaretto, shaken with fresh raspberries and rose, topped with frothed egg white and an Absinther mist.

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