Jean Paul Gaultier CLASSIQUE & LE MALE Limited Summer Editions Hindi Summer

 Jean Paul Gaultier takes us on a meandering journey into Hindi. “Classique” and “Le Male, with the animal instinct of two wild cats, size each other up while the erotic tension that drives them mounts. “Classique” and “Le Male,” lovers for life or just one night, meet up every summer, to ease their separation afterwards. Inspired by a print from Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS2013 Haute Couture show, wild animals, Hindi dancers, and gods and goddesses mix together in a palette of warm tones and lush foliage - joyful chaos brimming with surprises! On “Classique,” a majestic panther gracefully blends into the bottle’s feminine curves, while the muscular torsos of “Le Male” and "Le Beau Male” feature a magnificent tiger symbolising their bestial power. A show of seduction begins between the two felines. On LE MALE, the fresh, aromatic notes of lavender, mint and cardamom have been accentuated; the green notes of cut grass and foliage gain confidence. The vanilla, musk and sandal wood base notes remain unchanged. On CLASSIQUE, in the top note, rose flirts with orange blossom, showered with Sicilian Clementine zest. In the middle note, sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody lily-of-the-valley and white iris compose a bouquet of pure flowers. The intoxicating base blends absolutes of vanilla, fresh musk and vegetal amber.

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