Ermenegildo Zegna SS2015 @ Architecture & Space Collection

Ermenegildo Zegna SS2015 collection, the starting point was architecture then space came along as a word to objectify it. The inspiration is the result of their interaction translated into the origin of functionality to embody the social structures, the business logics.

Innovations and destructions; splendor and decadence, philosophy and romanticism, masculine and feminine are the sources to develop this new chapter: Architecture vs space like textures vs surfaces.

Stefano Pilati continues to explores and to combine apparently contradictions. The new Ermenegildo  Zegna Couture researches and develops a silhouette and an attitude that evolves from the previous two collections.

The silhouettes are more evidently defined in their volumes - the space - and in their graphism - the architecture.

The presence of stripes throughout the collection as a vehicle to mark an exercise of style where formality and leisure breaththe same languid summer allure.

Concept & Creative Direction:
Stefano Pilati 

Light Designer:
AJ Weissbard

James Murphy

Johan Soderberg

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