MCM AW2015 @ We are the Futurists Advertising Campaign

MCM AW2015 <We are the Futurists> 
Advertising Campaign

MCM global AW2015 ad campaign themed <We are the Futurists> for the next generation captured by the Munich-born photographer, Daniel Sannwald. The integrated campaign seeks to define a new mindset through a global cast of forward-thinking talents from the worlds of art, design and culture; including Chinese supermodel Ming Xi, New York-based artist Tali Lennox, Korean tattoo artist Noma Han, Swedish dancer/choreographer Benjamin Milan and multi-disciplinary artist Juliana Huxtable. Chosen for their unparalleled creativity and fearless outlook, each talent takes on a Futurist persona from The Believer to The Creator that transcends the boundaries of society to a new world where anything is possible. Each Futurist is paired with a bag from the MCM AW2015 collection whose visual aesthetic matches their own: featured bags include the Milla, Berlin, Heritage Weekender, Transformer and Munich. The MCM AW2015 collection was inspired by the depths of outer space and the boundless feeling of exploration which it inspires. The influence of outer space is reflected in the collection by the details of innovative materials, experimental textures and futuristic hardware. The campaign hinges on a manifesto that lives in the heart of the brand and its audience: "We are the wanderers, innovators and creators of tomorrow who understand that the journey is more important than the destination. We are defined not by the world we live in but by the world we create. We are the Futurists.”

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