Chow Sang Sang @ A Passion For Brilliance Infini Love Diamond Road Show

Chow Sang Sang held an roadshow themed <A Passion For Brilliance> Infini Love Diamond in ifc mall recently. The roadshow is an in-depth appreciation and learning experience for the public to understand more about the Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond, its unique production process and exceptional value. Different zones of the roadshow are on displayed with three collections including the Bridal Collection symbolizing eternal love, the Iconic Collection featuring minimalist beauty and the Heritage Collection characterized by European classy elegance, and witness the extraordinary shimmering effect of Infini Love Diamond and its eight perfect symmetrical Hearts and Arrows pattern via various professional testing equipment.

Each Infini Love Diamond is created with the ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ technique, originated from Antwerp, a Belgium city which has become world renowned for its diamond industry for over a century, and exclusively practiced by Chow Sang Sang. An experienced Belgium diamond master presented an on-site demonstration of the diamond polishing process at the Live Show zone, inviting the audience to witness how a rough stoned would turn into a shiny diamond. Every Infini Love Diamond has undergone strict inspections to ensure that it can shine at its best. Numerous examinations are involved during the process of selecting, cutting, polishing and setting. As a result, every Infini Love Diamond meets the standard quality which is set even higher than that of international diamond grading laboratories.

Only those scored the best in the traditional 4Cs could become one of Infini Love Diamond. Each one of them comes with a certificate issued by International Gemological Institute (IGI), one of the world’s largest gemological laboratories. An IGI’s first 3D video shown by the ULTRA HD TV UB9800 3D TV showcases different angles of Infini Love Diamond for guests’ appreciation. The video offers the sharpest 3D in 4K resolution. With its quadrupled resolution, the 3D images are more splendid than ever and the realism more lively than ever. A Belgium diamond master has traveled a long way at the invitation of Chow Sang Sang to demonstrate the technique of ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ and the polishing process of diamond on site.

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