LOUIS VUITTON SS2015 @ “Series 2” Ad Campaign

LOUIS VUITTON SS2015 “Series 2” ad campaign is an echo of “Series 1”, the first fashion campaign initiated by Nicolas Ghesquière for the Maison Louis Vuitton. “Series 1”, a groundbreaking triptych in which three photographers - Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber interpreted Nicolas Ghesquière’s vision of the FW2014/15 collection, recently won the British Fashion Award for best advertising campaign.

“Series 2” is more than sequel, it continues these three masters’ visual exploration for the Spring-Summer 2015 campaign. Building on the original idea of staging a confrontation between Leibovitz’s, Teller’s and Weber’s vocabularies, this polymorphic fresco illustrates an international vision of fashion through its locales and the personal reflection of each artist.

“Series 2” evokes the impression of proximity shown from a different angle. Annie Leibovitz photographed Freja Beha atop three buildings in New York that are still under construction. The original perspective over Central Park is like a response to a collection that oscillates between the familiarity of a wardrobe and the innovative character created by savoir-faire.

Juergen Teller shot Jean Campbell, Rianne Von Rompaey, Daphne Simons and Marte Mei van Haaster in a private Parisian townhouse that has all the characteristics of a classic, aristocratic French interior decor. Shadowy lighting, reinforced by the room’s black paneling, creates a visual dissonance between what we think we know and what is uncustomary.

Bruce Weber is in Miami with Jennifer Connelly, caught up in a graphic play of shadow and light in which the actress melds with lines and curves to become a defining element of the composition.

More than a campaign, with this new triptych the Maison Louis Vuitton continues to push further the idea that fashion is a vast subject of observation to which each player the designer, photographer, model or artisan brings his or her own response and contributes to the richness of its history.

With the publication of this new campaign, Louis Vuitton is proud to announce that Jennifer Connelly is the Maison’s new heroine. The new Louis Vuitton fashion SS 15 advertising campaign will break in the February 2015 issues of magazines worldwide.

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