ROGER VIVIER @ 2015 Valentine's Day Pick

An ethereal and universal word.” This is how Roger Vivier’s Creative Director Bruno Frisoni celebrates the word “love” in his SS2015 collection. The iconic buckle toys with its logo status and a nonchalant freshness. The Miss Viv’ bag shows off its greatest assets in a white leather version adorned with a vibrant red heart. Like an optical illusion, the buckle appears upstaged by this symbol of love.

For Gommette ballet pumps called “T-Shirt Love”, a heart and the word Love are printed asymmetrically creating a fun look. The symbol also captivates on the Mini Buckle clutch. With its discreet gold chain that can be hidden inside, it is ideal for day and evening wear, charming every lover with its fiery fancy. Declare your passion with Roger Vivier!

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