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UBUD is one of those magical Bali locations that should not be missed, from pura (temples) to palaces, galleries to gardens as well as the beauty of the rice paddies and the lush and peaceful tropical rainforest surroundings. What better way to remember the delights of this mountain range forest location than to partake in the rejuvenating techniques at the Kayumanis Spa to renew your energy and find balance in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through holistic healing.

This Kayumanis Ubud private villa and spa Resort is a discreet, intimate hideaway located in the heart of mystical Ubud. On arrival at the main lobby, you take a long circuitous path through the resort to end up at the spa pavilions, nestled amongst groves of cinnamon trees and fragrant blooms, overlooking a tropical forest and the gently flowing Ayung River. There are five spa pavilions, all double rooms, in an open concept with just curtains for privacy, as the spa concept wants guests to experience and indulge themselves with the sounds and sight of the nature.

The Spa Manager, Nengah, takes us through the menu and suggests a few treatments that we may consider as we specified a 90 minute journey of the senses. First, a welcome drink of rose syrup, combined with honey and lime juice, that is good for anti-oxidants to begin with our wellness journey. While enjoying this incredibly delicious “spa medicine”, we will have to choose one from the four of the spa’s signature oils we wish to have to soothe and revitalize the senses: <Sea Breeze> consisting of lavender and orange and good for relaxing, <Flora> a mixture of lemongrass and orange, which is uplifting for the spirit and mind and refreshing at the same time. <Energy Massage Oil> with a pungent mix of cloves and ginger and subsequently incredibly energizing and lastly the <Romantic Oil> combining sandalwood and patchouli, which is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

We opted for the uplifting and energizing oils to set the scene that was to unfold with our body massages. The Kayumanis Spa uses Balinese techniques for their massages, which involves long strokes to release soft tissue toxins and energy blockages as well as induce deep relaxation. At the same time, their massages may also relieve stress and muscle aches and pains. We chose the <Kayumanis Massage> and the <Energy Massage> for our treatment.

As it happened during our treatment, a rainstorm was rolling in and created an even more ethereal atmosphere. With enveloping mist and the falling rain creating a template for background rainforest ‘music’ which we loved. As we started a foot scrub with peppermint salt, followed by a sea salt scrub that was little grittier included the lower leg. Then to the main course with the body massage, we had chosen our pressure levels and just let the therapists do their thing. The <Kayumanis Massage> is the signature treatment that is exclusive to Kaynumanis, it involves a unique combination of Balinese massage, lomi lomi and therapeutic massage. Concentrating on the back of the body working from the toes up to the shoulders to improve flexibility, release soft tissue toxin, energy blockages and induce deep relaxation.

The <Energy Massage> is a firm and deep stroke massage treatment that is performed by using elbow pressure to restore depleted energy levels and release emotional tension. The sheer strength of this exclusive therapy helps to relieve stress as well as muscular aches and pains.

The therapist’s thumbs are put to good use when she finds knotted muscle, so those moments are expertly handled with no sudden searing pain, but an expert way of ensuring the movement through the knotted muscle is smoothly menoeuvred with more TLC than brute force. A great deal of strength is applied at times while applying the sweeping strokes, but there is a lot of give and take throughout the massage, where eventually one is floating in the clouds until that surprising moment when the therapist pleasantly wakes you by the Tibetan zen bowl announcing that it has come to an end. The inevitable outcome of any treatment at the Kayumanis Spa is to achieve a much more heightened state of relaxation and feel that little more special in a way where life is a private celebration. Yes! We were in the land of nod and the 90 minutes had gone far too quickly!

Tried & Tested
Location : 4.5/5
Ambience : 4/5
Design & Decor : 4/5
Service : 4/5

Highlights :
Intimate Hideaway Rainforest
Exclusive & Unique Kayumanis Technique Massage Treatment

Sayan Village
Ubud, Bali 
Tel: +62 361 972 777

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