FENDI 2015 @ Chinese New Year's Pick

FENDI celebrates the Chinese New Year with a luxurious and ironic capsule collection. The collection is inspired by the Bag Bugs featuring precious materials in a very special color dear to the Chinese, in honor of this moment of the year, the red! A sophisticated red ostrich mini Peekaboo Bag with fuscia leather handles and long strap. A regular size Peekaboo and a mini Peekaboo version in red leather, with pink leather interiors and silver python eyes with a black Swarovski detail. FENDI welcomes to the family, two new Bag Bugs, Furry Cracker in red and pink silver fox fur, lapin and mink with Swarovski eyes and Fur Yang in pink and red silver fox fur, lapin and mink version with Swarovski eyes. To complete the offer, two bi-color red and pink fox fur pompon, a silk twill accessory for bags and a maxi squared shawl silk and soft wool with an original Bag Bugs print. Unique touch relies in the Men’s red flame jersey t-shirt with the sheep symbol in leather with small studs details.

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