KAYUMANIS UBUD DINING CORNER @ A Tantalizing Thai Restaurant In Ubud

Exclusive resorts quite often have a multitude of dining options, but sometimes less is more if a location offers many more options outside the environs of the resort and this was the case with the Dining Corner at the Kayumanis Private Villa and Spa Resort in Ubud. This resort comprises a collection of only 23 villas, the focus for food is a small outlet that offers something unique and tantalizing.

The Dining Corner is a most welcome addition to the many commendable restaurants that are now available in Ubud. Executive Chef Made, is a local yet the menu is specifically in Thai through and through, offering the distinctively exotic flavours and spices of traditional Thai cuisine. All dishes on the menu are prepared using a combination of quality produce and indigenous herbs and spices to recreate the distinct flavours that the Kingdom of Thailand is renowned for without much compromise. A small selection of western meals is also available to anticipate and cater to other taste preferences. While enjoying the singular sights and sounds poised over a piece of the Ayung River’s valley that exposes the legendary magic of Bali’s cultural pulse.

The signature hot and sour <Tom Yum Goong> is a must order, Chef Made’s self thought version of Thai culinary had brought this classic Thai soup to the right level of spice with the complexity of flavor to stimulate your palate. We could honestly say it was one of the finest Tom Yum Goong we have ever had. The <Red Chicken Curry> is rather mild, although some may like it to be even more spicy. Hence, with a great mix of vegetable and a decent thickness of the gravy that coated everything pleasuarably. Best accompany with steam rice.

This is always a dish that makes or breaks any Thai chef, let alone an Indonesian chef, so hats off to Chef Made for this great dish. The <Phad Thai> noodles is not such a standout for us, but once again, that can be just a question of preferred taste, same ingredients used but produced locally can possibly add or take away a certain piquancy in the overall flavor. The homemade <Coconut Ice-Cream Fruit Salad> is to die for, not to mention the perfect dessert for a tropical climate to cool down with – one scoop was not enough!

Afternoon high-tea set is also available for walk-in diners and complimentary for the in-house staying guests.

The dramatic view of forest greenery in an area surrounded by aromatic cinnamon trees and towering foliage. This ambient dining compound has been designed to accommodate just 14 guests’ seated outdoors on an elegant timber terrace to capture the gentle mountain breeze. Alternatively, there is a cozy indoor alcove that offers complete privacy to honeymooners and couples seeking intimacy.

By day the Dining Corner is bathed in natural sunlight, but as evening falls this setting offers a sensory experience as fireflies dart between palm fronds, floral fragrances penetrate the night air and gamelan melodies resonate across the valley from nearby villages.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Tom Yum Goong
Homemade Coconut Ice Cream Fruit Salad

Sayan Village
Ubud, Bali 
Tel: +62 361 972 777

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