Anya Hindmarch SS2015 @ STICKERSHOP Collection

Anya Hindmarch SS2015 STICKERSHOP collection enthused by school-day nostalgia, the SS15 ‘Fixation’ collection joins playfulness, humour and creativity together with modern luxury in a neon spectrum of graphic prints and bungee-cord details. Stickers take centre stage this season, showcasing Anya’s passion for personalisation in a contemporary context, reminiscent of schoolgirl nostalgia.

The collection radiates a bold colour scheme of bright neons, emeralds and cobalts juxtaposed with chalk whites, blush pinks and pale blues. Classic styles such as the Ebury and Bathurst are reconstructed in leather and python with perforated, printed and embossed patterns for the added surprise detailing that has become synonymous with the brand.The sticker concept is epitomised with the ‘All Over Stickers’ runway print assigned to the most-loved styles include the Featherweight Ebury, Bathurst, Maxi Zip and Georgiana clutch.

Each bag is crafted with the innovative alta fraquenza technique of embossing and debossing to achieve an exquisite textured finish, as developed in previous seasons. The SS2015 also sees the launch of the All Over Stickers Journals (A4 and A5) as well as the Pencil Case clutch – a touch of school-time wit. As with the All Over Stickers treatment, the python Pencil clutch continues in this season’s nostalgic inspiration. 

Following last season and what is now a signature detail of the brand, everyday items have been transformed with a luxury treatment.The Sticker treatment is seen throughout the collection, in a variety of intensities. Pared back styles include single speech bubbles that declare ‘I Love It! What Is It?’, ‘Phwoar!’, ‘Stop Staring at my Handbag!’, to fried eggs, weather symbols and the smiley face decorate the Bathurst, Ebury and Georgiana.The Imperial clutches sit at the heart of the playfulness and humour of the collections seasonally.

Made by a third-generation minaudiere maker, each is inlaid with printed python with the a variety of motifs and sayings (Yes/No, Woof/ Phwoar!) to taking the form of a packet of chewing gum (Hubba Bubba/ Wrigleys Spearmint) or a pair of eyes hidden on the side, to give an added delight to the customer.The Crisp Packet is re-casted into a highlighter trio of neon Pink, Yellow and Orange as well as the more sophisticated Black, White, Emerald and Electric Blue- all in matte finish new for this season. SS2015 sees the return of high-summer baskets and clutches, with new high contrast neon bungee-cord. The baskets are embroidered with the sticker designs – smiley face, fried eggs and eyes – playful, practical and fun. Just in time for Summer.

 ‘SS2015 was inspired by the idea of taking stickers that were my schoolgirl version of ‘personalisation’ but making them beautifully and handcrafted in leather. My idea was that you can ’sticker up’ your handbag or phone or notebook and make it into your own personal artwork or buy bags that already have sticker designs worked into the leather. I love the combination of a grown up snakeskin handbag smothered in leather stickers”.

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