The DATAI SPA @ Spirit of Ramuan In The Rainforest

Close your eyes, breath the fresh thin air from the nature of the rainforest and hear the water running through a stream with a mélange of sounds echoing with your inner body, mind and soul. Moving you into a state of complete relaxation in the middle of the rainforest , The Datai Spa’s  Spirit of Ramuan inspires you the moment you step in, mylifestylenews discovers……

This spa has a location that evokes feelings of complete tranquility and isolation, as you cannot be disturbed by any other spa or resort guests.  Each spa pavilion is built deep in the rainforest to ensure your experience is the true highlight and the therapist is dedicated entirely to creating a new sensory world by their expertise and the surrounding natural elements.  Ancient Malay Ramuan refers to the deliberate and intelligent gathering and mixing of medicinal plants in its purest essence that reflects the conscious awareness of creating a healthy, balanced and holistic attitude to life.

As expected, the spa manager is rather courteous and after a brief consultation to identify the treatment that could suit your needs or maladies as well as the highlights of each treatment. We were then introduced to our therapists before being escorted to our ‘room’ as most Spa do.  On arriving at our pavilion,  we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the location – the open view in front of us, a 270 degree with an open space concept laying out with sights and sounds immediately transports us into a state of ‘chilling out’ and slowing succumbing to the peaceful music of the rainforest. The gentle music of the sound of nature is played, creating a more peaceful ambience, adding the mood for further relaxation. You may also have it switched off by listening to the sound of the nature as well as the rhythm of your own breathing.

Our therapists were asking all the right questions and at regular intervals ensuring that the pressure was to our liking. We chose two treatments at 90 minutes each, which was more than enough to get into a state of complete calm and drift off to the sounds of the rainforest.  We sampled the Ramuan Massage in two different rituals: the gentle Lembut Massage - a light yet profound massage using blends of relaxing herbal oils, healing techniques and long soothing massage strokes to bring a sense of calm and nourishment to your being. The Kuat Massage – a deep tissue massage using carefully blended oils and strengthening pressure point and friction techniques to release deep seated tension and toxins and increase circulation. The Malay healers of old taught that inner and outer beauties are interdependent to nourish and strengthen your soul, body and to inspire your mind. Using natural ingredients drawn from the rainforests and products that reflect the ancient Malay traditions combines the pressure points and friction techniques. Oils are already chosen according to your sex – basil and ginger for us. We loved the subtle warm aroma these herbal elements brings, the nirvana of joy for 90 minutes seems just slipped away in no time.

Each pavilion also has the expected amenities, but with the added touch of outdoor showers, so there was nothing that you felt was missing or needed and we would gladly have added another treatment to prolong our state of being, such was the luxurious pampering provided by such a professional team, lead by the delightful  Spa Manager.

 There was no sense of being hurried, even though we arrived late for our appointment, but we were getting the impression that no one is on schedule, as the resort makes you take that extra time to enjoy everything. The Datai Spa experience is truly unique and one- of- a- kind with the added touch of an ancient rainforest as your back ground, it is the defining element that sets this spa ritual experience above so many others. Set aside at least half a day to fully immerse yourself into The Datai Spa world and enjoy peace and tranquility at the hands of spa professionals that have the unique touch of pampering you in the ancient rainforest!

Tried & Tested
Location: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Service: 5/5

Highlights :
The Tropical Rainforest Sight & Sound

Jalan Teluk Datai
Langkawi Kedah
Tel: +6 04 950 0500

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