TIM COPPENS @ SS2015 Jungle Sunrise Collection

TIM COPPENS SS2015 Jungle Sunrise collection draws from disruptive behaviour, melancholy romantics with a healthy dose of arrogance; Hooligans concealed in elegant design. When you halo slips for good, you'll have to wear your hood. Significant focus on fabric and technical development is evident throughout each piece. Materials were developed with both form and function in mind. Papery and crinkle cotton/nylon blends allow for sharp form that still moves with ease and remains light on the body. Trench coats are redeveloped with shoulder construction moving into layered pockets., Outerwear goes unlined or half constructed, changing nothing to the appearance, yet offering a lighter more fluid garment with a nod to the darker slightly deconstructed side of the wearer. Engineered knitwear, using nylon and ultrafine merino wool, maintains shape and form of whilst allowing freedom of movement.

The signature "Jungle Sunrise" print, in two color-ways, is used across the collection for both men and women. Blurred Neon's are collection highlights, shown in prints and solid form. This season Tim Coppens continues his exploration of womens' wear with a developed and larger set of looks on offer; available to buyers for the first time. For women, pleating is used to re-interpret fabric and shape. Icon pieces such as the Time Coppens parka are re-developed, slightly elongated and playing with proportions. Layering and cut out works in partnership with the tailored finished and performance accents synonymous with Tim Coppens designs.

Tim Coppens continues his partnership with Masterpieces for backpacks. Specialized collection fabrics of nylon/cotton blends are mixed with silk mesh for both design and functional in form. The color palette of navy, black, white and red welcome the SS2015 Jungle Sunrise print set background for technical zippers, bold pockets and body strapping, balanced with concealed drawstrings. Tim Coppens for Common Projects footwear, for men and women, reveals news styles and an interpretation of classic track shoes with detailing in the lacing.

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