The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands @ A Fairy Tale Tudor-Style Country House

If it weren’t for the lush tropical rainforest as you drive up the hill to the Cameron Highlands, you might think you are in England when The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands country house comes into view. It is an exquisite piece of Tudor style that is a sight to behold when you round the bend after the first township of Ringlet. Away from the bustling city life and stepping into a fairytale world, mylifestylenews senses tingle with anticipation……

As soon as we switched the car ignition off, a staff member was already standing with a welcoming smile and offering any assistance she possibly can. We quickly took out our hand luggage and proceeded into a charming period style lobby. The gorgeous architecture and period design details keep attracting your eye, rather than listening to the requests from the front desk team to give your particulars and so it was in an instant that we already felt we were in for something special. The magic’s in the air.

Heading up the main richly carpeted staircase from the lobby to our suite with each creaky step at a time, the interior could not be ignored, from the delightful chandelier and grandfather clock, to the little red velvet lampshades on the corridor bracket lights, as it is all in the details. 

Timeless and classic, the boutique country house has retained the heritage of its original owner-retired British army officer, Colonel Stanley Foster. Our Junior Suite is charming and very spacious yet cozy, a queen-sized four poster-bed and a single sofa bed for a third person adorned with bric-a-bracs or yesteryears travel back in time even in your dream.

Every piece of furniture and décor feels like it is meant to be there and we were quickly captivated, plus the black and white tiled bathroom was huge and elegantly appointed. All the usual mod-cons are there, with a decent TV channel selection and exemplary toiletries, plus local BOH tea from the nearby tea plantation which this location is renowned for.

We felt truly lucky to be allocated in such a beautiful room, the interior design does not feel like a hotel room but more like a private house, that is the genuine feeling this property exudes in every corner throughout.

Black and white tiled bathroom flooring and the nostalgic room decor. 

An exploratory walk inside and outside of this beautiful resort is not doubt a must do on the list. Framed against the breathtaking landscape and vast skyline, flowers in full bloom along the driveway; a wooden silhouette against the blue skies and rolling hills, rays of glistening sunlight enveloping the hillsides with a magic glow, a haven beckons and promises an authentic highlands experience.

A Classic Lakehouse afternoon at the garden surrounded by full bloomed of flowers.

We settled in to the signature afternoon High Tea at the Lakeview Terrace, despite the lake is no longer such a beautiful sight (due to too over developed with constructions) that will not impact us to soothe the senses surrounded by the peaceful serenity.

The freshly made scones and Cameron Highlands' strawberry jam is the most delicious as well as the rest of the other three-tiered plate stand savories selection.

For those of you that fancy something a little stronger than tea and who doesn’t, the Cameron Bar full of antique collection that is preserved around the resort. Apart from the usual beers and whiskies and etc, the bar has a very decent wine list.

There is only one restaurant, but they are surprisingly proffer two very different options to offer some scope to the eclectic guest mix: an Asian steamboat menu, or a more traditional a la carte menu with signature Asian and Western dishes. The elegant romantic ambience restaurant has a very intimate feel while savoring the house’s best culinary delights.

On the first night we settled for the Steamboat experience and the food ingredients were of a very high quality especially the various selections of fresh locally grown vegetables.  Although this is what we would call a Malaysian’s version, so be prepared for some differences compared to the type of hot pot you might find in Hong Kong.

The set-up in The Restaurant felt a bit strange, Steam boat dinner is offered to be eaten on the terrace if weather permitting by enjoying the light crisp air while cooking your own food. As we were the only one having this menu whilst the table was set up inside The Restaurant with us facing the rest of the dining room. We felt rather awkward.

For the second evening we chose a more traditional western a la carte set dinner menu to suit the mood of The Restaurant and were not disappointed.

The classic menu consists of Chicken Salad, Mushroom Soup, Snapper Fish Fillet in Béarnaise sauce, Apple Crumble and Soft Chocolate Pudding all cooked beautifully, with an option to accompany by a pleasant bottle of wine to end the evening is ideal.

The snapper fillet was cooked perfectly, along with the garden vegetables and the sauce not too much over powering, the fish was the standout item on the menu.

Should you not opt for a set menu, other classic international Western and Asian dishes are also available on the menu.

The breakfast experience ticks all the boxes, as it caters for all tastes, with a combined buffet plus a la carte dish selections. Special requests were easily met with attentive staff. We love the fresh local honey and strawberry jam and the overall spread will definitely fortify you until lunch or beyond, as you head out on a tour to explore the surrounding countryside and sights.

To ensure we got a touch of what the highlands has to offer, we chose to experience a half day tour with the local Eco Tours Company, at the suggestion of the hotel and the tour was beyond expectation. Our knowledgeable computer programmer turned diver guide Appu gave up his bustling city life’s job and headed back to his hometown in Cameron Highlands to soak himself in the splendor of nature. 

The Mossy Forest at Mont Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

The not-to-be-missed Mossy rainforest walk in Mount Brinchang conducted by Appu opens your eyes and to understand the special 'cloud' rainforest flora and fauna.

Appu constantly reminding us about the preservation of the rainforest while taking us to an interpretive walk into the mossy forest trail.

This tour is definitely cannot be done without a professional guide as you may not find your way out once your enter the misty mountain forest. Lots of exotic floras can be found, the Pitcher Plant, wild orchids, primitive ferns, spices and medicinal plants are most commonly seen.

The tour concluded with the Boh Tea factory and plantation visit with a short drive to Sungai Palas before returning to the resort.

All in all, whether raining or sunny, The 19 rooms Lakehouse country house is a beautiful retreat and perfectly positioned to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Cameron Highlands. Respite for the soul and relax in a total luxury in this small and intimate boutique resort with attention pay into small details.

You will be captivated by its beauty and friendly service as well as the contemporary Tudor-Style guestrooms. Besides, we thought the intermittent rain and mist was extremely atmospheric and added a brooding element reminiscent of the Scottish highlands. It truly is a place to take time out and forget about the pressures of city life and soak up the highlands charm and enjoy a slower pace of life - a kilt is optional, if you feel so inclined!

Tried & Tested:

Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Tudor-Style Design Country House
Serene & Peaceful Surroundings

30th Mile, Ringlet
Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +6 05 495 6152

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