Wellendorff @ Treasures The Most Precious Moments For A Lifetime

Wellendorff showcases it's latest high jewellery collection and unveils for the first time in Hong Kong recently. The unique masterpieces bring memories to life, and enable the wearer to relish in these moments of delight time and time again. Founded by Ernst-Alexander Wellendorff in 1893, the family has for more than 120 years followed closely its philosophy of “Wahre Werte” to craft perfect pieces with everlasting, “genuine values”.In highlighting the brand’s commitment to be part of the very special moments of your life, the new amulets of the Wellendorff high jewellery collection can be opened and, within their depths, can conceal a personal souvenir of a special moment. A message, a promise or a dedication - a token that makes the amulets extremely individual bringers of delight and good fortune; a very special piece of jewellery, it is born of the most exquisite gold work to captivate all who marvel at its beauty.

The  newest one-of-a-kind high jewellery pieces includes Wellendorff Amulet Noble Citrine, Amulet Noble Rubellite, Amulet Noble Coral and Amulet Noble Peridot.

 There was also a special introduction of the Amulet Noble Diamond Delight, with its iconic golden wave pattern engraving paved with 99 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding a flawless 11.1 carat diamond; and the Amulet Noble Aquamarine in 1.52 carats invisibly set in a downward-flowing Pave Fantasy as a symbol of love - the bright side of the amulet is paved with 118 diamonds. 

Other highllights includes the House’s Ring Noble Genuine Delight collection in all colours of the rainbow, combining three individual spinning diamond rings surrounded with Wellendorff’s iconic wing motif cold enamel in softly shimmering gradient look that reveals more lustre with each new glance of the ring. The event was graced with the attendance of Mr. Christoph Wellendorff, the fourth generation of the Wellendorff family to manage the company.

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