BURT'S BEES @ The Radiance Collection

This year, Burt’s Bees kicks off a “Save the Honeybees” Campaign in the Asia Region with a tailor-made Wide Recipe dedicated to the world’s rapidly declining bee population. In fact, honeybees are not only important for food we eat, they are also playing significant role in improving our dull skin.The Radiance Collection, featuring one of nature’s most nutritious substances, Royal Jelly, helps boost your skin’s natural radiance and enhance your youthful glow. As many as 60,000 bees live in a colony and work harmoniously to protect the queen of a hive. Royal jelly is made by worker bees and is fed to the queen in her first days of life to ensure her growth and fertility. Royal Jelly is an excellent source of nutrients and is gentle to the system. Complexed with 134 nutrients, including eight essential amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, along with Biotin, Niacin and Folic Acid, Royal Jelly offers you benefits as what Queen Bees exclusively deserved. The natural serum for dull skin. Infused with Royal Jelly, this lightweight serum helps enhance skin's natural radiance. Formulated Licorice Root Extract and Glycerin for moisturization, you'll get naturally radiant, younger-looking skin.

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