The Datai Langkawi Beach House Introduces New Tantalizing Menu

The Beach Club in the Datai Langkawi resort is not the kind dance club that you may already have in your mind. In fact, it is a genuine F&B outlet serving a la carte Mediterranean and international cuisine and themed buffet dinner as well are often organized. With the new creative Australian chef came on board, a new menu is being introduced. The new tantalizing east meet west menu using mostly local ingredients by bringing out the best flavor of each individual dish created. mylifestylesnes samples a few new authentic refined creation......

Luring with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea and hearing the soothing sound of waves, the Beach Club is just a stone throw away from the private soft sandy white beach. We have lunch here everyday during our stay while the new menu just being launched. The menu has something to please the most fussy diners for sure as the selection adding more international refined culinary and yet reaming some of the Malaysian's classic dishes like the BBQ Satay and Char Koew Teow with a twist.

 The quality of ingredients used are carefully selected by the new Australian Chef and the flavours are authentic yet rustic, whether it is Malay, Thai or Western food. A simple wine list is also available and expectantly affordable even for such a luxury resort, thank to the duty free island where alcohol tax are reduced without having to burnt a hole in your pocket especially for wine and dine patrons. 

<Roasted Pumpkin Salad> 
Comes with avocado, feta, watercress, pumpkin seed, cherry tomato, spiced yoghurt. This vegetarian dish is a surely a comfort mood food. The chunky pumpkin was lightly roasted to keep it moist while the watercress and pumpkin seed adds harmony to a perfect bite.

<The Datai Cobb Salad> 
Grilled chicken, romaine, corn, avocado, blue cheese, turkey bacon, quail egg. Quite a stomach filling dish with all the fresh and classic ingredients used.

<BBQ Jumbo Prawns> 
The Jumbo size prawn are Grilled to perfection, grilled half lemon squeeze reduce the heat from the BBQ charcoal grilled yet brings out the best flavor of the prawns.

<Ginger Steamed Snapper> 
Freshly steamed snapper with fresh ginger on light soy accompanied by stir-fried green vegetables. Best enjoy with a bowl of steam rice and don't forget to ask for a side sambal belacan dipping.

<Red Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad>
Cucumber, fried tortilla, mint, coriander, marinated olives. Another vegetarian dish to start your meal. You will crave for more.

<Chicken & Beef Satay>
 The chicken and beef satay are perfectly grilled, light burnt from the outside and remain the moist texture of the meat inside. Peanut sauce, acar, lontong, rempeyek are the perfect combination to end the dish.

<Steakhouse Fries with Sea Salt>
Picture sometimes is deceiving but this steakhouse fries speak for itself. It is really good.

<Char Keow Teow>
Every chef has their very own version or recipe to make this dish their signature. The beach Club Penang style work fried rice noodles with king prawns, sprouts and dark soy is a real authentic local favorite.

<Sous Vide Spatchcock Chicken>
Well marinated half spatchock with fresh herbs and grilled to perfect order. Simplicity is the best!

<Red Snapper Fillet> 
Grilled red snapper is always not my priority yet this dish surprise us. A dash of lemon squeeze sizzle the crispy grilled skin is rather ravishing.

<Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna>
When this dish was presented, you may be mistaken it as a fully grilled steak. In fact, this grilled yellow fin tuna is another real fine from the new menu creation. A must order!

<Nasi Goreng> 
Fried rice with prawns, chicken & beef satay, achar, rempeyek. A classic must dish on every resort's menu becoming a mood food to everyone.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna/ Steakhouse Fries/ Char Keow Teow

Jalan Teluk Datai
Langkawi Kedah
Tel: +6 04 950 0500

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