ELIE SAAB @ FW2014/15 Palais des Lumières Couture Collection

ELIE SAAB FW2014/15 Palais des Lumières Couture Collection inspires by the grandeur of a Parisian palace, the iridescent surface of pearls, and the exceptional craftsmanship only possible in haute couture. Paris, the city of light, influences the collection through its ethereal interiors. The jewel-toned colors of the collection’s palette recall the faceted, prismic reflections of crystal chandeliers. Foliate and floral designs inspired by the arabesques of stately murals, wind their way across gossamer evening gowns or abbreviated, coquettish dresses. Fragile tulle and lace are tremblante with sequins and fine thread, surfaces shimmering with embroidery.

Every surface is adorned, yet retains an exquisite delicacy, through the superlative handwork of couture. Pearl embellishment is translated to a pointillist print on silk, while micro-paillette gowns are dazzling masterpieces of intricate technique, reflecting the savoir-faire that is the quintessential heritage of the House. Ivory columns conceal embroidery inside, against the body, a celebration of the intimacy of haute couture.

Subtle yet luminous colors melt into one another with kaleidoscopic effervescence. Bleu glacier, midnight indigo and eau du Nil, are laid against nimbus white and onyx while deep peony fades into a brilliant shades of crimson. Antiqued rosé and copper add depth and warmth, flickering at the heart of the collection.

Accessories are precious, their materials sumptuous. Minaudière handbags and jewellery blossom with three-dimensional blooms in jewel colors, a palette reflected in rich fur wraps swathing the décolleté. The wedding dress, regal and majestic, is embroidered in vaporous, pearlescent white, the volume unfurling from the waist. Conjuring a sumptuous palatial interior, ELIE SAAB captures the incandescent beauty of Paris illuminated by an iridescent lustre, as if in a dream.

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