The PAVILION DATAI Langkawi @ Cliff Dining Authentic Thai Restaurant

The PAVILION at the Datai Langkawi offers superb authentic Thai food with a stunning setting. Floating on a canopy of virgin rainforest, 30 meters high jutting out on stilts with a distant view of the Andaman Sea and the Thai Taruoto islands on the horizon. This small dining room on one floor juts out over a very steep slope with walls exposed to the elements and a thatched roof for cover.

The Pavilion lures with mellow Thai music, exquisite permute tabletops with white orchid arrangements and flickering candle lights to create a romantic mood. This is some of our favourite food and we are ultra critical when it comes to eating Thai food, but we could not fault the menu and service, as they ensure that you get the right levels of spiciness according to your standard of acceptance without compromising flavor. Indeed, you are responsible for what you eat and let's be warned that it can be real firely hot. Yet! that is what Thai food is all about.

<Phad Thai>
Classic Thai fried noodle with tamarin juice, bean sprout and chicken/beef or seafood to your liking and wrapped over with light omelet. A half lime is given to squeeze on the noodle as well as side condiments like raw sugar, fish sauce with chili, vinegar and chili flakes to add on to your very own liking. 

<Kaeng Phed Ped Yaang>
Roasted duck curry with pineapple and cherry tomato is a signature dish when comes to ordering Thai curry dishes. The rich coconut curry is best to enjoy with steamed rice as the duck breast absorbs the gravy completely while it is cooking.

<Nuer Phad Prig Sod>
Stir fried beef with Chili, garlic and Thai basil is another signature stir fried Thai dish. The Pavilion uses a high quality cut of beef and lightly stir fried with the condiments to compliment the freshness of the beef. It is a delicious Thai comfort food dish at all times.

<Tom Yam Goong>
This is a must order dish when dining in any Thai restaurant. A classic spicy prawns soup (usually the head is used to create the color of the broth) cook with grounded chili paste with gallagher ginger, lemongrass, chili padi, fresh lime juice to create the heat, spiciness as well as the tangy sourness. Abalone mushroom, tomato, spring onion are often added to give the extra flavour. Every Thai restaurant has their very own recipe and we suggest the Pavilion's version not to be missed. The more you taste it, you would crave for more.

To no disappointment, The Pavilion offers a very authentic Thai cuisine without compromise. Repeatedly awarded by many renown media for its authenticity and out-of-this-world of Thai culinary. We can't agree more as each dish is prepared a la minute with freshly harvested Thai herbs and ingredients. The savory creations are a feast for the eyes as much as it taste. We can ensure that The Pavilion is one of this restaurants that you would want to come back again and again. At least we did!

<Goong Mungkorn Phad Prig Thai Daam>
Stir fried daily fresh caught Andaman lobster with capsicum and black pepper cooked to perfection with the hint of heat from the pepper sauce. A well balance tasty dish that can be consumed just on its own.

<Gai Phad Khing>
Stir fried chicken with ginger and wood ear mushroom is a very pleasant dish. The ginger is fragrant and the tenderness of the sliced chicken is well balanced with the crunchy wood ear mushroom.

<Khaw Phad Sabparod>
A signature dish that pleases almost everyone, especially for those who are not into spicy Thai food. The pineapple fried rice is stir fried with diced pineapple, sultanas, chicken and light curry powder to give a light and inviting yellow color, presented and served on a fresh half hallowed out pineapple. A rather attractive dish.

<Yam Song O Goong>
Herbed Pomelo and prawn salad is always the best alternative salad dish beside having Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) at all time. Freshly peeled chunky pomelo lightly tossed with Thai fish sauce and other condiments. Best to enjoy when it is served to prevent the pomole seeping.

<Khao Niaow Ma Muang>
Mango Sticky Rice is a classic scrumptious dessert. It is a all time favorite dessert loved by many others. Served with seasonal fresh mango over some homemade pandan flavor coconut sauce on the sweeten sticky rice. A true heavenly signature dessert.

Tried & Tested:
Ambience: 4.5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5

Thai Duck Curry/Mango Sticky Rice/Cliff Dining Pavilion Restaurant

Jalan Teluk Datai
Langkawi Kedah
Tel: +6 04 950 0500

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