Marimekko A/W2014/15 Collection

Marimekko A/W2014/15 collection reflects inspiring encounters between different cultures, art and design. Born in Finland, at the meeting point of East and West, Marimekko design has always drawn from the interplay of diverse influences. Led by Head of Fashion Design Noora Niinikoski, the collection was created by exploring unfamiliar worlds and expressing their characteristic in new, exciting way. Interpreting Finnsih functionalism and minimalism, the spirit of Slavic art and African aesthetics in Marimekko’s signature style, the collection takes us all the way from east to west and south to north.

The collection features many interesting new series born as the result of encounters between art and design. Among them are the sateen Potti (jackpot), Velvet Kilina (jingle), cotton Hilu (small change) and lyocell-wool Kolikko (coin). The patterns are composed of circles and semicircles and accentuate the geometric forms of the clothes. The painterly print of the soft Laava (lava) series draws from abstract art.

The monochrome Kasino (casino) series complements the bold patterns with its elegant look. Seen on architectonic cotton clothes and a reversible quilted jacket, the floral Viipuri (Vyborg) pattern features Eastern influences. The Mustaselja (black elder) and Kuurankukka (rime) series represent a more classic world of floral designs in the collection. Influences from African art are evident in the 10tikkua (ten sticks) pattern, which appears on both woven cotton and viscose-jersey clothes.

The pattern was designed by scanning cocktail sticks in random arrangements. The round and angular forms of the Fox-trot series are also reminiscent of African aesthetics. Among the loveliest gems of the Marimekko pattern archive seen in the collection is the Musta tamma (black mare) design, this time printed on sateen.

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