FENDI @ Adele's Dream

 FENDI presents its latest cinematic <Adele’s Dream> undertaking a short movie that celebrates the new Selleria Line, with a focus on the Adele bag, its timeless aesthetic, set in a scenario that highlights Rome and the Cinema, that have always been strongly linked to the maison.  <Adele's Dream> is a thriller of desire” says Luca Guadagnino, who produced the short movie directed by Marco Molinelli and Giovanni Troilo. Adele’s Dream is a journey from 1925 to 2013 that underscores Fendi’s capability of revisiting its icons to modern effect while highlighting its Roman heritage. 
 A narrative reel that tells of the oneiric experience of a woman during the “lucid” phase of her dream, suspended between the proverbial am-I-asleep-or-am-I-awake feeling. The film is tinged with a modern version of Technicolor and channels a Hitchcock-esque undercurrent, capturing a magical realism and a whispered opulence. It also conveys the juxtaposition of Ancient and Modern Rome with the Eternal city’s geometries and stone textures that recall the grain of  the Cuoio Romano leather.
 Snippets of an action-packed day, at times veiled with mystery. A woman and her bag. The  undisputed protagonist is the Adele 1328 bag from the new Selleria line, a bestseller named after the company’s founder that projects her legacy of incredible craftsmanship and detail into the future.
A bag that blossoms like a flower thanks to Fendi’s master artisans, who painstakingly bring the Adele bag to life with 1.328 Selleria tone-on-tone stitches by hand that assemble the different parts of the object of desire. Made through Stop Motion, the animation of the rose has been created by taking photos of every single tiny move of the object that needs to be animated, rigorously done by hand to obtain a sensation of movement. This technique has been chosen purposely to keep a perception of craftsmanship.

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