ARTĒ Debut New Colours @ Classic Deseo Collection

ARTĒ is translated as art in Spanish. The classic Deseo collection is known to be ARTĒ’s most celebrated masterpiece. It represents the epitome of a craftsman’s imagination and creation. It symbolizes a bountiful bouquet of flowers in five vivacious colours. This jewel is marveled by a myriad of scintillating stones fabricated from exceptional stone-cutting techniques and inlaying methods. The result is a captivating collection for people to feast their eyes upon while indulging in a compelling and mesmerizing realm.
A pendant, earring, ring and bangle are also included in both collections.
The Deseo has always been a popular jewel for brides to match their wedding attire. It matches perfect with any wedding dress or evening gowns. Its colourful and prodigious combinations of stones are a definite eye-catcher, and also helps amplify a woman’s beauty and individuality. The wearer is immediately immersed into a trance of artistic aura and whimsical fantasies of a Spanish dream. The result is a wedding that is out of the extraordinary. This spring, the designers of ARTĒ will debut a Deseo collection in entirely new colours, hence, transporting you into a world of quintessential glamour.
The refreshing Deseo rose gold necklace is ornamented with 348 stones totaling 181 carats. Stones in colours of pure white, delicate lavender and energetic yellow are embedded on a rose gold base, which evokes a young girl’s fantasy. The pleasant and light colours of the new Deseo collection offer a zesty and refreshing sensation this summer. The glistening effect from each stone is brought to full glory under the sun. It reminisce one’s presence in a garden graced by an abundance of pastoral flowers – a refreshing sensation. A bride’s vitality is effortlessly revealed when dressed in a white veil and married with jewels in fresh and warm colours, but without losing her feminity and beauty.
Sharp contrast is created with the ever-chic black and white stones. The Deseo black and white necklace is also paved with 348 stones weighing at 181 carats. The stones come in an assortment of shapes – round and pear – and various sizes. The enigmatic black stones are coupled with glistening white stones to create significant contrast while maintaining flawless harmony. This jewel is perfect for any formal night gowns, which exhibits an enticing combination of colours to augment the stylish mannerism of a bride.

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