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Ana Rivera or better known as Ana R. is not only just a pretty face. The Texas born half Korean and half Puerto Rican won her many chances travelling around the world for being a model. For more than a decade now and still going strong especially after she set foot in Hong Kong for her career. The simple-hearted Ana R. is still one of the most wanted models by many fashion brands for her reputation and professionalism. The approachable girl-next-door type Ana R. tells mylifestylenews how lucky she is to be able to do what she wants while she can......  

When I was 13, my mom put me in a modeling school that was held on the weekends to keep me from dating ( there were lots of guys that were courting me at that time). After changing school, I won a modeling contest at the Orlando school called BARIZON. I was scouted to go to Canada and started my world of adventures from there as a model and went on to work in many different cities around the world.

I came to Hong Kong for a GUCCI show and did the opening for the women's show. After that they asked me to stay but I wanted to go back home to start schooling, my manager at that time talked to my mom for weeks about me staying and working in Hong Kong and now here I am.

I did my first casting ever for Levi's and got the job on the spot for all of Canada. This was when my mom thought it would be best for my to become a full-time model rather than living and growing up in the area where we lived at that time. We lived in a bad part of the town so it was not really safe for me to stay.

To be able to become a model, it needs a lot of human relations skills. Personally, I was a very shy person and I told myself had to learn to get over that very quickly if I wanted to continue working in this field as a model. It was indeed a whole new world for me.

I am eager to do a lot of different things and try to do it well in order to make me a good model. a model. It's always not easy to play the role or to act a part when you are modeling and having to fit the image that people would like or think how/what you should be. It takes a lot of acting to do in photo shots and heaps of confident to do a runway show.

The ups for for being a model is becoming known to the public in which it is also the downs as well. I love my job and sometimes there are things I can't do anymore because my manager think it's will not be a good image for me if I do so.

The biggest change since I became a model was not being able to be with my family and most often I was alone quite a lot. That was what I was trying to get-overed with. Modeling life is a very lonely profession and I had to get used to living out of a suitcase. Now that I have Hong Kong as my base and I feel more at home but I still miss my family and I think of them all the time.

Models' perception to many people who are not in the related industry may seems to be very unapproachable and keeping a far distance from the general public. I heard this all the time and that is why I always laugh when people get shocked when they start talking to me in person. They always say and think I am always "black face" (long face) but when I am not modeling or off the runway, I am very sweet and down to earth. I take that as a compliment and most people just don't understand that models have to carry a look when they are modeling or on the stage, it is also what the clients want. Still it makes me giggle for such act.

I still get scared and always say a little prayer before I take the runway. One, so I don't fall on my ass because I am just clumsy like that and two, for a good show. I always think I am someone else, like at work I think ok I am Ana R. but when I am not working I am just a silly, girly and goofy like any other girls. I still act a little girl most of the time but in the public eye, they see things very differently. 

I have never really being categorized in a specific kind of model as I have always been able to fit into whatever the client wants me to be. Partly, it is because I've been in the field for so long and they know what I can do and what's not suitable for me.

There isn't any particular kind of model I would like to be. I always think every model shall be different and just like us, we are all different from each other's character.

Being a model, everyday is a challenge as you have to keep pace with the ever changing world of fashion, is not you will fall behind and get lost.

I've never had a specific goal for being a model but I think I 've done more than I could have ever dream of. I've never thought what I would ever get for being a model. I'm very blessed and very happy for what I have.

I always wanted to do Chanel show and I got the opportunity for so many times, I am still very happy about it. When Karl Lagerfeld was in Hong Kong, he picked me out of so many girls to walk on his runway in Hong Kong. I was shocked as hell, my jaw dropped. It feels good when you are liked and wanted as model.

Being a model can enjoy many other perks that normal people won't get and I feel very blessed about it. I love and cherish every moment and the gifts that I get from different brands and sponsors. I always feel like it's Christmas when someone send me a gift or something to try on and I always remember to say thank you. I think my mom would be very disappointed if I did not show my appreciate in such a way.

The model trends in Hong Kong seems to mix and match with high end fashion and street fashion. I don't think this trend will change as it has been going on for a long time, in which I love it. I can always bring out my old stuff and match it with something new. It's a great way to save money. Like, OMG if I were to wear head to toe high fashion, I would not have any money for anything else. LOL!!!

Models' lifespan can be short if you don't keep in good shape, It is all depends on the model how you look after yourself and keep looking good. Hence, you can model for a long time. Most models can only model for 5 to 6 years and I have passed that years ago and I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

I have thought about the backup plans for many years and like most people, I have a plan B, just to be on the safe side. Plan B is in the works soon and you will see when the time is right.

I would like to establish myself into acting and I am not sure why but let's see what'll happen with that.

I dress the way I feel like everyday and I like to call it <Mood Styling>. Sometimes boyish, sometimes girly and sometimes just whatever seems to match for me on that day. It's hard for me to say that as I am kind of love to wear everything.

My nose is what I dislike most about my appearance. I broke my nose when I was 8 and never got it fixed. No one seems to notice it unless I tell them about it, then I would have to tell a long story on how it happened. To make it short, I broke it when I did a back bend in the garden at home and my very large Labrador thought I was a hoop to jump through....and he did. LOL!!!

I personally like the punk or Gothic look but sadly it isn't something suitable for me everyday.

Fashion to me is being able to express the way you feel at that moment through clothing and accessories that you put on.

Cindy Crawford is my muse and inspires me as she comes across friendly and approachable and seems to have a good head on her shoulder.

My advice to new comers is do not take yourself too seriously. Modeling should be fun and do not take it to heart when a client didn't pick you for that specific job.

My favorite pastimes is playing game on my iPad.

My idea of perfect happiness is spending some quality time with my dogs.

Mt greatest fear is when I am being left alone in the darkness.

My greatest regret is not being able to see my brother's children grow up as I am always away from home.

My mom is the living person I do admire the most as she has been through an awful lot and yet has a huge amount of strength.

I am always honest. What you see is what you get in me and I cannot stand fake people of liars.

My greatest extravagance is my shoes and hand bags.

My favorite journey is taking the tram ride in Hong Kong.

I am a very traditional person and I place a lot of value in having  good virtues.

I try not to lie, simply put. I can't lie as people can see straight through them.

The talent that I would like to have is to be able to play piano well.

If I could change one thing about my family is that I would love to have them to be here more often.

My favorite occupation is being a teacher.

Honesty is the quality that I most like in people around me.

I value my friends through their honesty.

My favorite hero in real life and in fiction is Superman and Dian Fossey.

Things that I most dislike is being lied to.

My favorite motto is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

My favorite possession is a gold ring that my grandmother gave me when I was born.

My ideal way of a living lifestyle is to live on a farm and have a healthy easy lifestyle.

My current state of mind is that I am very much in love.

Ana R. on mylifestylenews cover

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