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Angie Ng, Penang, Malaysia borned law degree model set foot in Hong Kong and now considered her second home after her modeling career in major fashion weeks and designers' shows in Europe and abroad. The tall, boyish yet feminine Angie may not do what mom wants but the masculine side of her steered the decision that she had made in modeling career won her many applause to keep her going even stronger in her full on career. Angie told mylifestylenews what a good model shall possess.....

I was spotted by a local fashion designer, Michael Ong and I was being introduced to Cilla Foong - a Malaysia based modeling agency who soon became my mentor and persuaded me in modeling field domestically and internationally. The rest was history… 

I came across Model One Agency in Hong Kong from my cousin before I came here. I tried my luck by emailing them and I received some positive responds from my present manager Christine after a few correspondences and castings. It was official and here I am in Hong Kong as my present career base.

My first experience being a model and got paid for it wasn't that much of a substantial amount  but the actual rewards was to be able to earn from a dream job which was indeed greater than the actual value.

My family was very supportive for what I was doing, as long as it didn't interfere with my studies, it was fine with them. And now, they are happy for what I chose in the career that I want to be, instead of further my career to becoming a potential lawyer after finished my law studies abroad. I felt very lucky and blessed to have such freedom given.

The definition of a model has stretched far these years. But in my opinion, a  good model has to have a slim body, good skin & care, good character, and a little spark!

The thing I do best for being a model is all the work related to fashion, catwalks, shoots for fashion spread and covers.

There will always be ups and downs, rejections, criticism and praises for being a model. I am sure It happens to other professions as well but in time you learn to take it all in and learn from them instead of sulking and be too affected by it . At the same time, enjoy and embrace the ups. After all, you can't ask for compliment as it is a given praise and shall be appreciated as it comes.

The changes I have made for being a model then and now has made me more aware of what I eat and being healthier in general. I do exercise more now and I take care of my skin care ever. I believe this comes with my job description and I think it was never too conscious of such changes. 

Models or non models, everyone has different characters. Some are unapproachable and some very friendly. People who are not in the related industry, model seems to be very unapproachable and keeping a far distance to the general public, it is best for them to stop stereotyping. 

I was always the tallest one among my friends when I was young and people had always look at me weirdly. People still do now as they think I must be a model because of my height and being the outstanding one. As times goes by, I don't realize it anymore and now I am alright and coping with it. In fact, I can't help but wonder It is quite funny when you look at different people who looked at you with a suspicious eyes or mind for being in the eyes of the public

A model should be versatile and be able to do and perform in many ways that is required in the client's specification, may it be in TV commercial, fashion shoots and etc. That is what a professional model shall have in showing a good personality. 

Being a model, I don’t know if there is a benchmark per se. I want to continue working as much as I can and in time to gain more acknowledgements for what I do. I want to go out there and push the limits. Do the best that I can, that is what I would like to achieve for being a model.

The challenges I like to have for being a model is being able to play different characters in all kind of new projects and collaborations. There are always new challenges in what I do. I have been dabbling into a little acting now in castings and it is super interesting.

There are so many fashion designers' shows that I would love to be associated with. I am glad and happy when the designer or the brand chooses me to represent them on the catwalk. 

I have to admit I do love the perks I get for being a model. However, I am sure this happens in many other careers as well and they have perks that I don’t have too. There is no need to compare.

The term ‘supermodel’ in Hong Kong seems to be more for the shorter, voluptuous, dolly face girls. Fortunately or unfortunately, that is the model trends in Hong Kong.

Model’s lifespan is short and that is the fact but keeping a good healthy lifestyle can help prolong our career. Nonetheless, there are always other opportunities after modeling. Acting, TV hosting and anything that is fashion related is a possible alternative. It really depends on the person what he/she would like to establish themselves into.

I have a law degree, people presume that is my backup plan. But I truly feel I will be doing something in relation to fashion or creative work when I stop modeling.

There are so many areas I  would like to establish myself into, I am still at a stage where I want to try all I can, to discover more and learn. I want to try acting if I can, styling perhaps and even write and talk about fashion.

I am more a laid back type, I like easy and comfortable clothes with style. I am more boyish kind I must confess.

I like my height but dislike my hips (wish it was smaller, haha......)

I have no particular preference as I love playing different roles. If I have to do the same kind of role all the time, I would probably feel bored. One of the reasons why I love modeling so much is that I get to play so many different kind of ‘roles’ all the time. It is so much fun!

Fashion to me is the reflection of the culture and style at the time.

Heidi Klum inspires me a lot, I love her wholesome career; her balance of work and family and her progress from being a supermodel to a tv host and etc.

My advise to the new comers who would like to be a model is to work hard, persevere and don’t let fame get in your head.

My Favorite pastimes is staying home and watch my favorite tv series and soap opera.

My idea of perfect happiness is to have a balance of a happy family and a growing career.

Bugs of all kind is my greatest fear.

My greatest regret is that I never get the chance to say goodbye to my father before he went to a better place.

My mum is the living person I do most admire, she is a one strong lady who gives more than she ever ask or take.

Angie Ng @ mylifestylenews Cover.

The trait I most deplore in others is the people without manners and ‘manners cost nothing’.

My greatest extravagance is also my greatest weakness. BAGS!!! I love bags and Celine Bags  will be my killer.

My favorite journey is Hong Kong. It has now slowly becoming my home.

I don’t believe in overrated virtues. Why would something that people think that is good but it isn’t. If a virtue is taken to a moderation level, it would not be a vice.

The talent that I would like to have is to be able to sing.

If there is one thing I could change about myself is that I wish I have super duper fast metabolism so I can eat and eat but never get fat.

Modeling is my favorite occupation, I am enjoying it and loving what I do.

Patience is the quality I like most in people around me.

Be genuine!! it is the most I value from my friends.

My favorite hero in real life is my mom and my favorite hero in fiction is Thor.

Things that I most dislike are messiness! I love things neat. And all kind of bugs, even butterflies.

My favorite motto is “too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they’re not.”

My favorite possession is my cat Yoda.

My ideal way of a living lifestyle is being HAPPY.

My current state of mind is I am motivated.

mylifestylenews @ Angie Ng

* Special thanks @ Model One Ltd for the interview arrangements & photos courtesy. 

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