Pop is a primary art style. It’s an object you desire instinctively without thought or reason. The Polka-dots which are iconic elements of Valentino’s world are enlarged in a grid of a cartoon print and it’s as if they have lost their jolie madame mood, but not their joie de vivre. In the newest designs the dots are a pattern that hypnotically and playfully adorns the silhouette. The spirit of the past is celebrated but modernized with a focus on nonchalance and lightness. The mood is sunny and festive while the style is direct and striking. 
The Pop Pois project is fascinating in its simplicity: in it, square and rectangle shapes flow. This capsule collection is based on a module – the polka-dot double silk twill scarf with a maxi billboard logo – that comes in three sizes or elementary shapes such as a top, maxi-top, pajama pants and a bikini. The distinction between outfits for day and night, public and private, and indoors and out is dissolved in a liquid concept of fashion and lifestyle. 

Pieces are interpreted and combined freely: all that is needed are quick, effortless gestures that reveal contemporary taste. Pop is the deliberate irony of a flaunted logo and the choice of spontaneous design. Dots run rampant on everything from the VaVaVoom bag and espadrilles to the unique packaging and tissue paper. The polka dot covered creations are this seasons new must-have objects of desire.

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