BALENCIAGA SS2013 @ Men & Women Collection

Balenciaga women’s SS2013 collection is a search for dialogue and connections between different worlds. The Collection created to combine references and to find a connection between variant themes such as ionic and cubist, modernism and mythology, architecture and sensuality. Balenciaga’s first haute couture collection encapsulates aspects from two iconic art and architectural movements, that being Cubism and the Greek’s Ionic Order. The series is defined mainly by its two-piece outfits; cropped tops that recall the monolith features from Cubism are paired with long crumpled pleated skirts resembling the Greek’s column structures creating an elegant and sensual silhouette for the wearer.
While even women’s professional wear originate from masculine styles, this collection is designed to accentuate the female figure and yet maintain a strictly professional mood. Distinctive masculine straight-lines exhibited in the collection’s signature trench coats are worn over light pastel heart-shaped bustiers, allowing the wearer to express her feminine features in a chic reserved ways. This collection fashions a more modern Greek outfit that still retains the fabric draping elements. Its jumpsuits and skirts are deliberately designed to appear fluid and pointed at the end as though it was thrown over the figure. Worn with fully fashioned classic menswear inspired knits, the knit is sprayed and heat bonded with tone-on-tone lacquer for a contemporary and slightly rigid effect. 
Designed to echo Cristobal Balenciaga’s collections in 1962 to 1963, this collection features Balenciaga’s signature technique in recreating the tweed appearance through elaborate embroidery handcraftsmanship. The theme strongly refers to the hip yet elegant style of the 60s, perfect to add to any woman’s professional wardrobe. This theme exhibits elements from Janine Janet’s previous collaboration with Balenciaga which fashions adornments deriving from Greek mythic nymph characters and foliage features. The collection’s signature incorporates guipure laces, “vine” embroidery, “mosaique” print and leaf-like hem finishes.
The Men's collection broadened its use of silhouettes from past seasons, opening different possibilities yet still accentuating the House’s signature - such as the play on volumes with elaborate fabrics and radical techniques. The new collection is contemporary, a wardrobe for confident and sophisticated men with a strong character that uphold the precepts of Balenciaga styles: elegance without cliché. This collection offers a dandy wardrobe that consists of two themes:
<The Distinguished Gentleman> inspired by German Male figures in the early twentieth century, the graphic and elegant wardrobe is classic and distinguished in sober tones to emphasize the austerity in Balenciaga men, immortalized by renowned German photographer August Sander. The dark colored frock coats and overcoats in contrast with the white shirts and sheer mesh are a modern and understated symbol of the elegance transpired in famous French photographer Serge Luten’s art.
The < Japanese Icon> inspired by the late 70’s Japanese Male icon Ryuichi Sakamoto, is a wardrobe of elegance and refinement. The colourful and capacious overcoats, flower printed shirts and high-waisted trousers with tucked in sweaters are reminiscent of the biggest American idol to young Japanese adults, Elvis Presley. The unconventional proportions are discrete but complex, timeless classics that embody modern elements such as longer jackets, chests that are shortened and pleated pants.

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