Universal Music Compilation 環球主打熱選指南

We do our best to support the local music scene but unfortunately most of the local recording artists are really lacking of real good voice and talent for being a singer. And we do not pay any sympathy for them who carries a few titles (acting & other real money making events appearance) which turn out to be more busier than their singing carrier. Hence, their performance impact the sales of their cds undoubtedly and indirectly discourage music lovers to buy their album whereby mostly one of two tracks are really worth listening to. Thus, big recording companies may have some real good artists that producing some quality music to suit their fans. A good compilation not only save up the consumer cost of buying their favorites albums whereby there weren't all good quality production in the same album. The latest Universal Music 2 CDs Compilation <環球主打熱選指南> is an good example to own with all the hits songs being played all over the radio stations and had climbed up to the charts.  This compilation consists of more than 30 tracks classics top charts in 2012 with a bonus CD top hits in the recent years which had gained vigorous support from many others listeners and viewers. Artists includes Alan Tam, Sandy Lam,Eason Chan, Kay Tse, Hinz Cheung, Kary Ng, newcomers Mr., Robynn & Kendy and etc. If you were still willing to support the local music scene by contributing a small part of yours, a compilation is never too late to learn to know a little more of your favorite artists.

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