The Impossible

 This is truly an amazing and sensitive movie to make with lots of considerations for not offending the survivals and the families who had lost many lives of their beloved during the tragic Tsunami in 2006. Besides, it is also another to challenge to bring the big waves back to live despite the CG gives a real heartfelt effect to the audience. It was a daring move! But don't forget, the selling point for this movie isn't how great the director Juan Antonio Bayona to bring back the Tsunami wave back to screen but it was how he tells the story right after based on a true story of a survival family. Extraordinary performances from Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland (Lucas) will surely have your tears running down on your cheek. How much love could you possibly share with others while you are in deep pain and in need of more support from others instead. Juan Antonio Bayona knows it best on how to bring out  and connect the human emotion with sparks and sees the lights of hope even though in such tragic. Go feel yourself with this aftermath impact from the tragic happened especially for those who wasn't there while the incident happened.

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