NANCY GONZALEZ Opens First Hong Kong Store @ IFC Mall

Nancy Gonzalez, the accessories designer opened her first Hong Kong store in the ifc mall. Partnered with Bluebell Group, the store has taken over a 580 square feet space and combined traditional workmanship with innovative forms and textures, qualities that are both exemplified in her collection and in the interior design of the store. 
The store designed by Rawlins Design under the direction of Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, President and Creative Director of Nancy Gonzalez. Inspired by clean lines and rich materials of the Art Deco era, especially the work of Eileen Gray and Jean Dunand. Strong thresholds define the entire space. Handbags are displayed on folding screen-like devices composed of matte-finished palmwood and bronze.  Each display is individually lit with tiny LED lights to avoid an excess of harsh ceiling luminaries. The folding screens frame the product in strong silhouette.  A central glass vitrine houses the accessories, with sleek ottomans tucked underneath. 

Mr. Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, President and Creative Director of Nancy Gonzalez states: “In designing this store, I chose materials that are indigenous to the geographical location as well as link to the Colombian heritage of the brand.  In this case palmwood, also referred to as zebra-wood, a rare exotic wood grown in tropical rainforest climates is found in South East Asia and Columbia.  Gold an important ore in precolombian art is also prevalent in Chinese art.  Screens a prominent architectural fixture in Asian culture are used to display the bags.  All of these elements are used to create a profound environment that allures the customer.”

A second space invites further exploration. A palmwood-lined shell gives way to an opulent yet clean-lined gold leaf interior, trimmed with velvet upholstery.  Nancy Gonzalez handbags and accessories repose gracefully upon light, glowing surfaces.  To this end, glowing resin shelves wrap the space.  The shimmer of this translucent resin is complemented by the plush velvet back panels.  All is sheltered by a vaulted ceiling rendered in gold leaf.   One wall is reserved for a rotating selection of art from the Gonzalez family collection, further elevating the shopping experience.   

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