ANTONIO BERARDI @ SS2013 Women’s Collection

ANTONIO BERARDI SS2013 Women’s Collection is a re-interpretation of the luxury in sportswear many intricacies. The sense of athleticism explored in Resort’s use of colour blocking and performance fabrics, is now approached in a looser and more abstract way. Graphically pairing sections of contrasting colour, pattern demonstrated most explicitly with a form of patchwork. The collection’s palette is rooted in the subtlety of bergamot and milk. Yet startling juxtapositions are also made-partnering the vibrancy of Klein bluem hot pink and sunshine yellow with harder and more urban shades like khaki, tar, dove grey and powdered lilac. Similarly delicate chiffon, leopard and a plethora of noble fabrics are thrown against crisp embossed silks.
Sharp flashes of holographic and carbon fiber beading are the only embellishment for this season, The final flourish in this technical collage. The hourglass is still present at the heart of this collection – with structure approached as strictly as quality. But a fluttering stride is made towards something more diffused. The overlaying including winged blouses and skirts breathing new life into the silhouette. Shorts, cropped jackets and varying degrees of transparency and deconstruction open up the ensembles.

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