ALEXENDRE DE PARIS @ New Exquisite Neckpieces

Alexandre de Paris rejoice in the new selection of wondrous neckpieces is the impeccable statement piece to dress up evening outfits. Inspired by the alluring charm and elegant grace of a butterfly garden, it plays with the essence of luxury and romantic nostalgia. Brilliantly cut, the assemblage of butterflies are brought to life with spirited flair and movement. Wholly designed, manufactured and decorated by hand in France, the neckpiece is made out of acetate and adorned with glittering Swarovski crystals and stones. The flexibility, smoothness and lightweight quality of acetate, a versatile cotton resin, makes the pieces extremely comfortable to wear. Designed and shaped to the neck’s natural contour, the curved collar neckpiece sits perfectly on the neckline without any clasps that will snag or catch the skin.
The new neckpieces are truly exclusive with only a handful worldwide. The original comes in a timeless black and gold combination. The four new stunning colour palettes includes lavish deep burgundy and beige peppered with ruby and gold Swarovski crystals; dazzling electric blue and black that embody the daring rock chic essence; ultra-feminine dainty pink and vivid violet; sophisticated prussian blue and beige-gold. Depending on your mood or choice of cocktail dress, there is a colour to suit every woman.

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