PAULE KA SS2013 @ " I am perfect...perhaps" Ad Campaign

PAULE KA SS2013 < I am perfect...perhaps> comes with 6 different nostalgia themes.  <Listen to me...> humming of insects, waves of heat, the sky hesitates, she waits. Under the embers, the refreshing sorbet of a pool-colored dress. The allure is wise, yet jostled by the ballerina slipper. Truly wise?...Palm Beach asks.
<Envelop me...> fragrances of warm stone, bubbles that hum, frosted glass, she is ready. The supple drape of a duchesse satin coat, a spectacular print by artist Julien Colombier; the tranquil audacity of an assumed elegance, it asks only to be opened…Palm Beach succumbs.<Wrap me up…> The temperature drops, the perfume of bougainvillea rises in the garden, a woman appears. Her shoulder is bare, her figure defined, the dress is black. A breeze lifts across the ocean, the ostrich feathers, vaporous, quiver…Palm Beach awaits.

<Find me again…> Misty early hours, scents of damp grass, the final morning, she leaves. In a new shirtdress, delicious, ready for other climates, other desires, other lives…en rose. <Follow me...> Lightness of air, the morning is crisp and time is running out, she puts in the call. Impeccable shirt, distinguished by a slight crispness, dry and smooth, of white poplin. The collar carefully buttoned, the cut-away sleeve…Palm Beach prepares itself.<Unveil me...> A briny wind, the palm leaves sway, dampness in the air; the storm is close, she hopes. A sensual combination of jersey and silk, draped skillfully, the dress offers itself to the wind, revealing the soft roundness of the bare neckline…Palm Beach restrains itself.

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