RAY-BAN @ Aviator Folding Ultra Limited Edition

RAY-BAN Aviator Folding Ultra, the brands most iconic model reintroduced in an exclusive folding design dipped in 22 carats of gold seals the celebration of its 75th Anniversary . The frames, available in white and yellow gold availabe in selective distribution of 7,500 sets worldwide. This is the newest edition to the Aviator family which celebrates, together with the Ray-Ban Ambermatic 2012 Limited Edition (the capsule collection that for the first time, introduced cutting-edge amber lens technology), 75 years of history embodying the “Never Hide” spirit.

The history of the iconic “TEAR-DROP” shape originated in 1937 to protect the US Air Force pilots from glare while flying at high altitudes, Ray-Ban Aviators are recognized by their unmistakable tear-drop shape, a design that is simple yet innovative. Originally known as “Anti-Glare” eyewear, they were re-branded to emphasize their effectiveness in blocking (Ban) sun rays (Ray). With the foresight that the style was well-designed and would appeal to the masses, the name was officially coined the Ray-Ban Aviator. The model became an instant classic and has evolved to signify a legendary style ever since. For over 75 years, the Ray-Ban Aviator has been coveted by new generations that seek to re-interpret the style by drawing inspiration from fellow-mavericks from the past.
An icon of style and design, this new model maintains the cutting-edge technical DNA of the brand while continuing its timeless legend. With the introduction of the P3 Plus lenses, Ray-Ban again shows its dedication to quality, selection of materials and technological research. The polarizing filter, color enhancement, anti-reflective coating and the water-repellent system are extraordinary features that are combined to deliver excellence to each lens. The color enhancement process enables visuals to be extremely clear and brilliant. The anti-reflective coating reduces the percentage of light reaching the eye, ensuring both comfort as well as a sharper image. Additionally, the innovative water-repellent system found in the P3 Plus lenses allows any water to run-off the surface easier, guaranteeing additional protection for the wearer.
The brand’s meticulous research and focus on technology has resulted in the first folding model in the Ray-Ban Aviator family. Its unique structure allows the model to bend while maintaining its shape. The eight hinges on the allow for the frame to fold at the temple earpieces, along the temples and at the bridge.

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